Westie Connect, the blog, enters public service!

We have so greatly enjoyed comments from viewers of our website, WesternConnections, we took the plunge to post more often and more quickly on news of the day — the news Gilbert Public Schools doesn’t want you to know. We believe that informed citizens and taxpayers make the best choices for their communities, so we’ll put our no-nonsense views out to be heard.

Some of the big issues we will cover:

RETALIATION against GPS employees, specifically retaliation against teachers.

SWEETHEART DEALS that benefit people at the top levels of Gilbert Public Schools, whether the deal financially enriches that person or just increases their power base, expands their little empire within GPS, or allows them to wield the cudgel of retaliation indiscriminantly.

FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES that illustrate the appearance of impropriety by a public servant, if not the real McCoy. We’re strong supporters of enforcing fiduciary responsibilities for people entrusted by the public to make decisions based on the best interests of students. Actually, that’s what the law requires, but it seems to have been forgotten or disregarded with shameful frequency.

TOP-DOWN DECISION MAKING and demands by the superintendency for school board votes based on inadequate information and incomplete public notification of important pending issues.

ILLEGAL EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES that flout federal and state law … because they’ve gotten away with it for years. Why stop now?  We’ll look at the culture of entitlement at the top, ranks filled with cronies, self-serving policies and other indicators of corruption. You know what we report is always authentic and informative.

HARASSMENT of students, teachers, parents, employees … when GPS doesn’t like what they’re reporting or uncovering.

OTHER TOPICS that develop in the community. Or that we uncover. Or that come to us in a news tip.

Send us your news tips; we’ll know what to do.

Thank you for stopping by Westie Connect!

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