GPS Top Dogs Get Schooled on *Digital Ninja Training*

What possibly could go wrong when Gilbert Public Schools lets students upload selfies and anything else they want to the *official* GPS websites? “We’ll monitor it,” said the lady who wears sunglasses on top of her head … at night. We’re not going to speculate what all can go wrong, but we’ll helpfully report things here as they happen. And you know things will happen. It’s like the GPS Top Dogs think no one can see the train wreck that’s coming. Sheeeesh.

Hasn’t the *fabulous* GPS marketing machine ever heard of Snapchat, Vine and Instagram, to name a few potential sources of deep embarrassment for GPS when the kids are running the asylum managing the district web presence. Comedy Central has a Snapchat roadmap for GPS students … so you know Comedy Central fans will be drawn to inappropriate uploads for a school district, like a moth to a flame. It sure promises to be fun, though! Do you really believe GPS parents will approve of turning over the GPS websites to their kids? Surely you obtained written parental approval in advance, didn’t you, GPS? You know, photos with minors create some serious liabilities when they veer off into (ahem) inappropriateness. No no, GPS, parents are not going to thank you for this.

Seriously, a former congressman with an adult libido hasn’t been able figure out what kinds of digital images are inappropriate for sharing. Why would GPS expect a teenager with a teenage libido to think twice about whether it’s appropriate to share the most snicker-worthy images with friends? Or send worse images to not-friends? Sheeeesh. Older generations had problems with what students were doing behind the bleachers.  GPS is inviting something else entirely, and the smartest kids will make sure their pranks won’t be traceable. That’s enough of the dire warnings to people who don’t want to hear them …

Let’s look at some sterling work actually done by GPS students. The presentation below skewers the shoddy *technology Digital Ninja training* that’s been rammed down the throats offered to GPS students. First, don’t expect the kids to hold back; they’re going to tell it like it is. Second, these kids are ALWAYS being told to check their work; they’re not impressed with adults (some of whom are paid far too much for the shoddy work they do) who can’t be bothered to check their work before foisting it on the kids. Third, these kids have pride; they’ll call out shoddy work by adults who don’t take pride in their own work.  Scroll through the images below for a polite slap on the hands by a student who knows a lot more than the adults who were supposed to be teaching *Digital Ninja Training.* Thank you, unnamed student, for being so polite.



















Out of the mouths of babes…

GPS should be ashamed for adopting a logo lauding *Technology – Scholarship – Innovation* when their own work product is so shoddy. Students know better.  Now you see why Westie believes the Powers That Be are just asking for it when they try to foist their work onto the shoulders of students. Hey GPS, you need to hire the right people and fix the screwed up salary inequities among your pets inhabiting the White Castle. No one else is buying the garbage being passed off as *technology.* Sheeeeesh.

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