Imagine All the People Living Life in Peace – Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 from the Westies and Keyboard (who is now three years old, she wants everyone to know). 

We’re grateful for friends old and new, here in Gilbert, Arizona and across the world. Today, a special thought: Je suis Paris. We’re all in this world together.

Just in case you’re concerned we’re going all sentimental or something, we’ll remind folks why this blog exists. At some point, Gilbert Public Schools, a third of a BILLION dollar per year tax boondoggle for the benefit of a chosen few in the administration and their nearest and dearest pals, will have to come clean and focus on educating the children in the district … or lose students to other districts and charter schools. Based on recent events, we recommend you don’t hold your breath while waiting for the right kind of change from the new cast of Good Old Boys and Carpetbaggers. We’ll have in-depth coverage on the situation in coming weeks as we continue our quest.

As a reminder of one thing that’s at stake, here’s a blast from the past:

Thanksgiving 2013:  It happens every year — come holiday season, GPS zeroes in on a selected employee. This is institutionalized in the Gilbert Public Schools “Progressive Documentation” policy and process, but it seems to be so gosh-darn FUN for these guys, they do it over and over and over!

That’s a Gilbert tradition — when you’re going to be cruel to employees, exert maximum malice and hit that unsuspecting employee just before a holiday or a break.

Peace out.

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