Holiday Greetings from Gilbert Public Schools

Gilbert Public Schools sent out holiday wishes via social media. 

This bit of silliness, which apparently was supposed to make recipients feel festive, had quite the opposite effect.

The nicest thing we can say is, “Sheeeesh!” 


There are countless good reasons that so-called professional people should think twice about trying to appear *cute,* or *fun,* or anything other than professional people who happen to fill leadership roles in an organization (whether they’re qualified or not). First, if you want to be respected, act like a person who has some self-respect! Second, you folks just proved that you know nothing about having fun, as your wooden poses attest. Third, cowboy boots as professional attire?? Girlfriend, whoever told you that was classy is not your friend.

We’ve posted before about what REALLY goes on in GPS just before a holiday:

It’s the Day Before a Break – Let’s Fire Someone!
Holidays Are Coming, So Gilbert Public Schools Will Be Firing Someone!

What we didn’t know in the past was where that tradition began. Now we know … GPS lawyers came up with this holiday tradition! Seriously, the law firm Udall Shumway published an article on their blog on December 1, 2015, “Mesa AZ | How to Properly Terminate an Employee.”  Just in case those folks get squeamish about having their school district strategies out in public and delete this blog post, we helpfully archived it for you. Westie adores our law student friends; try not gag when you read this gem of advice from [ahem] *experienced* lawyers who get paid incredible amounts of money:

In today’s world of emails and text messages, it is important to determine if an employer, supervisor, or coworker of the soon to be terminated employee has said anything that would indicate a wrongful reason for discharge. Additionally, it helps if there any performance improvement notices, warnings, or personnel file notes that would help strengthen the reason for terminating the employee.

In addition to being heartless, the so-called legal experts at Udall Shumway appear to be clueless about employment litigation. That might be why GPS has such a lousy track record with the EEOC, DOJ and OCR, among other acronyms. We anticipate things will become worse (not just because of Udall Shumway’s legal advice) since GPS carpetbaggers and scalawags don’t have corporate memory. For example, elevating Jason Martin to the GPS cabinet, with his arm-long record of years of discrimination complaints and firing people for imagined infractions, was not the smartest move in the world.

But who would tell Her Highness, Superintendent Christina Kishimoto, those inconvenient truths about her newly promoted minion? Anyone with half a brain could have been the principal of Highland Park Elementary School when it received its A+ rating — it is the students and parents, their economic status and social cohesiveness that achieved that feat. But Good Old Jason Martin was really, really cozy with Denise Lowell-Britt of Udall Shumway before he got so elevated. We’ll recount the stories later on. They’re still hilarious, like the ones where folks at GPS and Udall Shumway “create” documentation, submit forged signatures and scratched their heads when a different lawyer report got sent to the EEOC than what was sent to GPS. The *anonymous* email messages that will make you ROFLYAO. But we digress.

Here’s Christina Kishimoto wishing you all a Merry Christmas, without saying those words in English. Chica, do you know you’re in Arizona?

Many thanks to all of you who sent Christmas wishes to Westie and inquired about our limited posting lately. If we’re quiet, we’re usually on vacation or working on a special project. In the past two months, it has been both. We’ll have a LOT of news to share with you in the New Year. Stay happy and healthy and hold tight to the ones you love!

For you folks who complain about Westie, try to breathe. You’ll come around in your thinking. Just wait til you see the new $&#@ we have uncovered!

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