Superintendent Christina Kishimoto Demands Unfettered Contracting and Procurement Authority

The meeting of the Governing Board of Gilbert Public Schools scheduled for January 26, 2016 is going to be where Superintendent Christina Kishimoto will hustle board approval of her pet projects and unprecedented spending of taxpayer money. She wants those financial handcuffs taken off so she can officially do whatever she wants! What little oversight the board exercises will be a thing of the past, and that’s exactly the  point, it seems.

You know it will work – Christina Kishimoto now gets anything and everything she wants. It’s like second grade, where the playground bullies yell, “Nanny nanny boo boo – we got three votes, so you lose.” Yes, the losers include taxpayers, teachers and staffers who don’t inhabit the district offices in the White Castle.

In the meantime, some Gilbert Public Schools’ employees have not been paid. The Great Payday Melee continues. Superintendent Christina Kishimoto thinks her letter that employees can take to the bank will do the job when they get overdraft charges. Watch your credit rating carefully, GPS employees. But don’t hold out too much hope that GPS actually will reimburse you for all the expenses you have as a result of their incompetence. No, they already have limited that to simple bank charges for BANK FEES that result from their failure to pay employees on time. Westie knows that’s an artificial limit, and it will gob-smack you in the face when you realize how many OTHER expenses cascade from the failure of the implementation of the GPS software system known as Infinite Visions. This will be an uglier story as time goes by.

The Superintendent’s *alleged* boyfriend’s resignation should be effective at the end of this week. In other words, when the going got tough and the Infinite Visions software implementation imploded, Executive Director of Technology Charles Stevin Smith, aka Steve Smith, bailed out of Gilbert Public Schools. Or maybe he bailed because of the anonymous letter about his *inappropriate relationship* with his boss, Superintendent Christina Kishimoto. Did he pay the $2,500.00 required by the hostage clause that other GPS employees are required to pay if they quit before their contracts are finished? Yeah, we don’t think so, either. There are lots of *fringe benefits* associated with being Superintendent Christina Kishimoto’s *alleged* boyfriend. Getting a $10,000.00 raise appears to be one of them. Notice in this fiasco that even Her Three Votes apparently approved of the Superintendent’s dalliances. Too bad the whole “GPS is the Technology District” now is a total failure. Other school districts must be ROFLAO. Muchly.

One of the *recommendations* Her Three Votes will approve at the aforesaid Governing Board Meeting is $100,000 as the new purchasing limit that Superintendent Christina Kishimoto wanted for herself and her minions. We all know it’s so gosh-awful HARD to keep up with the Superintendent’s new spending spree of expected tax override dollars and new bond money. Christina Kishimoto wrote a memo that said surrounding districts have the $100,000 purchasing limit she now absolutely needs for herself.

Let’s tune in to hear Superintendent Christina Kishimoto talk about the new contracting limits she wants.

Governing Board Clerk Jill Humpherys doesn’t have any problem giving out these higher limits. It’s not like $100,000 is a whole lot of money, she says. Principals can spend it in a flash in Walmart!

Trying to be a voice of reason, Governing Board Member Daryl Colvin says this is not wise; it’s using a machete instead of a scalpel:

There’s a cute little provision in Superintendent Christina Kishimoto’s recommended changes to GPS procurement policies: she can contract for up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS in construction contracts without jumping through procurement hoops. Now we’re really getting to what’s important in her recommendations, don’t you think? Here’s Daryl Colvin’s view on why this is totally stupid. But we all know Her Three Votes will approve:

We’ll talk about teacher contracts in our next post. Another doozie coming up!

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