Superintendent Dave Allison Denied Performance Pay Bonus

The GPS Governing Board meeting of October 23, 2012 has gone down in history — in a 3-2 vote, the bonus segment of GPS Superintendent Dave Allison’s payday, the 20% part of his annual salary designated by law as “performance pay” has been denied to him.

Here’s the back story: See “Gilbert School Board Fix-Up” in Action 10/23/2012!

The board has not followed the statute, and they, once again, have excluded parents, teachers, and the public from participating in the evaluation of the most important leadership position in the district. Without holding a meeting to decide on the alternate procedure, the board should not be releasing Dr. Allison’s performance pay without basing this release upon the current law which includes Student academic growth (25%), Teacher survey (25%), Parent survey results (25%), and Board input (25%). When will these board members follow the law and be held accountable? [bold font in original]

On the agenda for  October 23, 2012: 12.01 Approval of Alternative Procedure for Determining the Superintendent’s Performance Pay for Fiscal Year 2012-2013. “It is recommended that the Governing Board approve and adopt for the full 2012-2013 fiscal year the alternative procedure for determining the Superintendent’s performance pay that is set forth in the August 9, 2011 Agreement to Modify Superintendent’s Employment Agreement and its related Exhibit A.” The vote was to table this item pending future board discussion regarding superintendent’s performance pay.  Aye: E J Anderson, Staci Burk, Helen D Hollands, Blake A Sacha; Nay: Lily N Tram

12.02 Approval of the Release of Superintendent Funds Based on Performance During the Months of September and October, 2012. “It is recommended that the Governing Board approve the release of superintendent funds based on performance during the months of September and October, 2012.” The vote denied the performance pay bonus. Nay: E J Anderson, Staci Burk, Blake A Sacha; Aye: Lily N Tram, Helen D Hollands.

How this vote went down is just as interesting as the vote itself. Our intrepid community activist GilbertWatch describes the process:

…please note that, because the votes relating to the Superintendent’s performance evaluation were placed dead last on the agenda, following two back-to-back Executive Sessions (which, by law, the public is not allowed to attend), citizens were made to wait until 11 pm for the board to reconvene the public meeting for the vote.  One citizen was denied the ability to speak, because Administration had locked up the comment cards and shut down the electronic voting equipment.

That citizen who was denied an opportunity to address the board was Julie Smith, candidate for the Governing Board. President EJ Anderson, that stickler for following rules, wouldn’t let Julie Smith speak because she had not submitted a comment card…which was locked up before the meeting ended… What a board!

See also: Zero Accountability.

More here: How GPS Broke the Law – Anderson and Sacha Cover Up Delayed, Everyone is Watching

Just a note for the community: a process server served two federal civil rights lawsuits on the board at this meeting. We’ll have more about those lawsuits in the future. Wonder if the lawsuits had anything to do with the superintendent’s performance pay denial?

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