The Impact of Closing a Junior High School in Gilbert Public Schools

February 24, 2016, 6:30 to 7:30 pm
Gilbert High School Auditorium

Just the facts: GILBERT JUNIOR HIGH MAY BE FORCED TO CLOSE. Gilbert Junior High School has been selected by the district as a finalist for closure to offer a permanent home for Gilbert Classical Academy.


*** Closing Gilbert Junior means your student will attend a junior high outside of your neighborhood as early as this August.
*** Hundreds of students will be displaced, raising enrollment at other junior high schools throughout the district to near or over capacity.
*** 20 schools and more than 14,000 students will be impacted if the district closes a junior high – disrupting thousands of families to serve dozens at Gilbert Classical Academy.
*** The district is choosing the wants of a few over the needs of the many.


*** Gilbert Classical Academy has a 50 percent retention rate, which means at least half of the students who enroll in seventh grade do not make it to graduation.
*** By selecting Mesquite or Gilbert Junior High School to close, the district has targeted two Gilbert communities with some of the highest concentrations of Hispanic residents and financially burdened families who qualify for free and reduced lunch.
*** The district will invest at least $1 to $2 MILLION for renovations and upgrades to meet the needs of Gilbert Classical Academy students after GJHS closes.
*** Teen drivers and additional school buses will increase traffic along quiet, neighborhood streets.
*** Enrollment boundaries are long-outdated, yet district officials refuse to adjust to growth, which increasingly squeezes out neighborhood schools and benefits schools with larger boundaries and therefore higher enrollment.
*** There are options other than closure. One includes a “school within a school” model, integrating Gilbert Classical Academy with an existing campus, providing GCA a permanent home without displacing other students.
*** The district tried to close GJHS before. And failed.


*** Be heard. Write to board members. Tell your neighbors.
*** Attend an upcoming community rally and the upcoming district forum.
***  Stay informed. Learn more at

Many citizens of the Town of Gilbert chose to live near Gilbert Junior High. If the school closes, our kids, our teachers and our communities will lose. There are solutions where everyone wins, and they should be considered. The school board will make a final decision on the fate of Gilbert Junior High School in March 2016.

Click here for a SaveGJHS flyer you can print and distribute.
Click here for the same SaveGJHS flyer in Spanish.

There’s only ONE Gilbert Junior High. Time to roar, Tigers!  #SAVEGJHS

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