Superintendent Christina Kishimoto Can’t Hide Her Lies … Her Lips are Moving!

Controversies in Gilbert Public Schools are heating up rapidly. Sadly, they’re just not necessary. Superintendent Christina Kishimoto may think she’s setting a *controlled burn* by suspending a district policy she doesn’t like and refused to follow, but many others predict her capricious decisions about closing a school, rubber-stamped by Her Three Votes on the Governing Board, will become a horrific wildfire that consumes the school district. The former good relations with the community will be collateral damage.

In our newly-created category of *Lies Christina Kishimoto Tells,* we feature another abdication by the Governing Board of powers reserved to the board by Arizona statutes. This story began at the GPS Governing Board meeting in January 2016when the Superintendent demanded the Governing Board delegate $100,000 contracting authority to her and her *designees.* Obviously, this power grab was not intended to be publicized; Christina Kishimoto thought Her Three Votes would just acquiesce and that would be the end of it. Westie applauds Board Member Charlie Santa Cruz for sort-of standing up against this strong arm tactic. We have great hopes he will start doing his job of overseeing what’s happening in GPS.

For some reason, citizens of Gilbert, Arizona want to see EVIDENCE when rogue school district administrators purposely mislead their bosses, the Governing Board, about things involving taxpayer money. First, watch Superintendent Christina Kishimoto tell board members that  what she is asking for is just *standard practice for a district of this size.*

Now we’ll show you how Board Member Julie Smith called out Superintendent Christina Kishimoto and her Chief Financial Officer, Tom Wohlleber, about their prevarications. Board Member Julie Smith says only one other district in the state of Arizona even has a policy DJA, and it is nothing like the one the superintendent wants the board to approve. Julie Smith points out that the Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer and their assistants have not been forthright with the board about this policy. Do they have the grace to be embarrassed at being caught in lies? Oh course not. They just prevaricate and try to obfuscate some more. <How’s that for an educrat vocabulary?>

In other words, the Top Dog administrators of GPS flat-out LIED to the Governing Board about GPS Policy DJA. Okay, citizens who demand evidence, now watch as Superintendent Christina Kishimoto tries to wriggle out of being caught with her hands around the cookie jar … by claiming it’s just standard practice.  <To the usual H8rs out there- Kishimoto doesn’t have her hand IN the cookie jar yet, she’s just holding it for now>

Finally, a community member, citizen, voter and GPS parent warns that adopting this policy change will allow the Superintendent to evade accountability. It’s a bad move, and it will energize opposition, at least from this staunch advocate for accountability, who happens to have excellent credentials for overseeing financial details from her day job as an aerospace engineer:

Even Good Old Charlie Santa Cruz realized that having the dogs and cats of Gilbert looking at his every action would be a problem. He voted with Julie Smith and Daryl Colvin to send the policy back to the Policy Committee … you know, the monthly meeting where all board members meet with the Superintendent and a few of her minions to transact the REAL business of Gilbert Public Schools. Where there are no cameras recording them as they conspire. While chowing down on a catered lunch, to boot! At taxpayer expense. Life is good for Queen Christina Kishimoto. The result was predictable.

Item 7.06 on the Agenda for the GPS board meeting on February 23, 2016 is “Second Read/Adoption of Policy DJA – Delegated Procurement Authority.” Obviously the Policy Committee met – on February 16, 2016, to be precise – and Her Three Votes  will give Superintendent Kishimoto what she wants, in spite of her lying, deceiving ways.* After all, as Lily Tram famously said, “Everyone makes mistakes.” And as Silly Jilly Humpherys said, “A hundred thousand dollars isn’t much.” You know Good Old Charlie is hoping the opposition will be busy at a PTSO meeting or baking cookies or something… sheeeeesh.

* Big Fat Asterisk: Keyboard says that Eagles song has taken on a new meaning with regard to Christina Kishimoto: “She’s so far gone, she feels just like a fool.” Can’t resist one more video:

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