Superintendent Christina Kishimoto Brags that the GPS Hostage Clause Worked

Maya Angelou once told Oprah, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Employees of Gilbert Public Schools are now seeing Superintendent Christina Kishimoto for who she is. As Maya Angelou said, “Believe them. They know themselves much better than you do.” Oprah spoke up, “That means they cannot be trusted. So why would you trust them the next time?” Christina Kishimoto is showing the Gilbert community time and again that she cannot be trusted on things big or small. 

As an example, consider the $2,500.00 Hostage Clause that GPS unilaterally added to all contracts last year.  You won’t be surprised to discover that Superintendent Christina Kishimoto bragged to the Governing Board that the hostage clause worked. She’s going to throw her shoulder out of joint from patting herself on the back so hard.

Christina Kishimoto wrote, “The addition of this language to the contract has provided a much more effective process for exiting staff with a transition plan without having students, projects, or programs left unattended to.” We’re really glad this functionally illiterate superintendent isn’t actually teaching, especially if it were a subject as important as English, or Language Arts, or whatever we call it now. The simple grammatical fix to avoid ending this sentence with a preposition is to simply omit it: “… or programs left unattended.”

Christina Kishimoto’s “much more effective process for exiting staff with a transition plan” really bit her *alleged* boyfriend in the butt. Besides leaving several programs unattended, former Executive Director of Technology Charles Stevin Smith, aka Steve Smith aka the superintendent’s *alleged* boyfriend who resigned when their *improper relationship* went public, left his projects in a state of implosion and otherwise failing. Christina Kishimoto assured the Governing Board that the entire $2,500.00 was paid in the case of her *alleged* boyfriend, Steve Smith. But her use of passive voice in answering the question makes reasonable people wonder what is hiding.

Infinite Visions, the human resources and payroll software that former Executive Director of Technology Steve Smith spent about a year reporting as the next great innovation in GPS management, still isn’t implemented properly. That’s a sort-of technogeek way to say that GPS employees have not been made whole after the massive payroll failures in January. Telling GPS employees to wait in line, and then telling them to wait until next payday is wrong on so many levels. But that’s GPS.

A comical situation facing GPS now is that Top Dogs insist on sending email messages containing images of letters they have signed.  They call it something like “communicating with the masses,” and it’s suddenly important because Superintendent Christina Kishimoto has something in her super-secret evaluation by the board about communicating.  Emailing those letters is simply ridiculous. This also should be embarrassing to Superintendent Christina Kishimoto while she is out boasting to the world about her technological accomplishments in GPS. Sheeeesh.

Showing that Westie’s birdies are super-smart and well-placed, we posted about how the Talent  Office was gearing up to reach out to Millennials in the GPS workforceBesides the fact that classifying employees based on age is something that will never work out well, the Talent Office outreach was never well-designed. Yeah, sure, invite targeted employees to come to yet ANOTHER meeting. As teachers, they’re exempt employees, so you don’t have to pay them overtime. You never pay them for all the work they actually do, but that’s a subject for another day.

Do you think the Powers That Be in the Talent Office ever stopped to think about whether or not these employees appreciate being tagged with the label *Millennial* rather than being addressed by their given names? Sheeesh, you guys are supposed to be the experts.  You could have sent out individual invitations, by name, to employees. Little things mean a lot, especially in a district where *technology* has become the be-all and end-all.

The notice of the *Millennial Meeting* that Westie foretold shows just how comical life can be when someone who has a little bit of power wants to come across as one of the cool kids. Chief Talent Officer Suzanne Zentner, aka Slime Bucket Suzanne, sent out an email messsage that sounds like something from a Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk addresses aliens. [Yes, we’re so old, Captain Kirk is the Star Trekker for us. Live long and prosper.] In fairness, we must point out that this was a genuine email message, not a letter sent as an image attached to an email. In GPS, that counts as progress.


Thanks to you and your generation of millennials, our world is amid a dynamic change!

Recognizing the value you bring to GPS and that you are among the largest demographic (ever) in our country, the Office of Talent Management is rolling out a new, strategic recruiting strategy to be a district that is attracting, engaging and retaining the highest caliber millennials.

Therefore, we hope you can join a district wide strategy session on Wednesday, March 9 from 4pm-5pm (Community Education Building,) to engage all millennials on your thoughts of how we can become the most highly sought after [education] employment destination in the State of Arizona.

Please RSVP by accepting this invitation.


Suzanne Zentner
Chief Talent Officer

Dear Slime Bucket Suzanne Zentner, the world may be “amid a dynamic change,” but GPS is going down the drain. Did you ever consider that some of those Millennials might be wondering if they will have a job next year after GPS closes a junior high school to give GCA the new campus GCA demands? The Talent Office and Superintendent Christina Kishimoto have been markedly silent on that matter. The last time GPS screwed up this whole GCA situation so badly, at least Dave Allison promised that no employees would be out of a job as a result of his horribly botched decision and implementation process.

BTW, while Baby Boomers already should be accustomed to being called Grandpa and Grannie, using any of those terms won’t work out well in the workplace, either. Ageism is the new discrimination du jour. While we’re on this subject, Keyboard wants to know why the intervening generational labels are based on DNA: Gen X and Gen Y.  Westie is stumped for the answer.


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