How Corrupt Can Gilbert Public Schools Be? We’ll Show You.

When Westie wondered if Paul Holland’s presence on the GCA committee was a set-up giving cover for the GPS governing board to close a neighborhood school for the benefit of the unique and exclusive snowflakes that attend Gilbert Classical Academy, we never expected what some very tenacious members of the community turned up against all odds: an email exchange between Paul Holland, HDA Architects, and Alexander Nardone, Gilbert Public Schools Chief of Staff, an exchange that originated with  Mike Pilkington, a Preconstruction Assistant Project Manager at Core Construction, and copied to Todd Steffen, the Director of Preconstruction Services at Core Construction. See how the dots connect? Right back to GPS Superintendent Christina Kishimoto, who is grabbing as much power as she can to shut out the public and the governing board as she dismantles what once was an A-rated school district.

Just so you know: the new auditorium at Gilbert Junior High School will cost $8.2Million to $8.4Million. The email is shown below. There’s not much of anything more to say about how Christina Kishimoto and her equally corrupt minions have been colluding with contractors who will make millions of dollars while she is superintendent of Gilbert Public Schools. After all, voters gave Kishimoto $18.6 Million annually for 5 years as an override, plus a $98 Million bond, and she’s in a hurry to spend it all before she’s out the door!

Please take three minutes to view the Youtube video below the email. Will the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board actually govern? We’ll know on April 26, 2016.




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