Introducing the *Spartangs* — GCA Takes Over Mesquite Junior High School

Bringing you up to date on the newest antics of the Gilbert Public Schools Superintendent and her captive Governing Board: Christina Kishimoto obviously had it all worked out to move Gilbert Classical Academy to Mesquite Junior High School to form a School Within a School. The audience was stunned at the swift saber strike that destroyed a neighborhood junior high school for the benefit of ungrateful students at GCA who demanded the entire school be dedicated exclusively to them.

The Governing Board was eerily quiet. President Lily Tram appeared by phone; since she is running again for a seat on the board, there probably was no way she was going to preside over this particular atrocity. There was a truly disgusting maneuver by Jill Humpherys to prevent audience members from speaking about GPS Special Education retribution against defenseless students. We’ll go into great detail on that issue in the future, which included despicable antics on the dais, including Christina Kishimoto’s call for Security when someone yielded their public comment time to persons who turned out to be Ryken’s parents.  Unbelievable.

The vote was 4-1. Discussion was simply regurgitation of some talking points and disputed *facts* related to what GPS Superintendent Christina Kishimoto had already decided to do. You can watch the Livestream video to see the obviously choreographed dance, with board member strings pulled by Christina Kishimoto, who didn’t even attempt to disguise her *coaching* that was needed to get Jill Humpherys through the meeting. Be sure to read some of the almost 800 viewer comments under the video, which has already been viewed close to 2,000 times. The kids from GCA commenting during that board meeting have shown their true faces to the world. A few adults tried to tamp down some of the more egregious comments by crass GCA students; for their efforts, they got called out by other adults and more boorish GCA kids. Sheeeesh.

Gilbert Public Schools decided not to close a school, but what the people who tried to save Mesquite Junior High School are learning is that their neighborhood school has been destroyed anyway. Birdies chirped that Jill Humpherys joined Mesquite Junior High principal Dan Johnson in explaining to parents and staff just what will happen. Mesquite Junior High will become an academy, whatever that means – we all know this is what Christina Kishimoto calls *reform.*  Kishimoto’s letter to the community outlining this *reform* is here (click this link to view).

Be very worried, Mesquite Junior High: GCA kids say, “Screw this. We’ll take over the whole school.” They mean it, and the table has already been set by Christina Kishimoto and her captive board. News flash: you GCA malcontents were never worthy of all the money GPS has poured into indulging your expensive proclivities and you have shown you are not worthy of the millions of dollars Christina Kishimoto is going to lavish on your new campus.

These are some of the scant details that have been revealed thus far:

** Mesquite Junior High School ACADEMY attendance will be capped at ~300-400 students.
** Mesquite Junior High School ACADEMY will specialize in sports medicine.
** Mesquite Junior High School ACADEMY students will be required to wear uniforms. [Bet they’re purple: Spartangs. Bow down before GCA.]
** If a student chooses NOT to attend Mesquite Junior High School ACADEMY, maybe they can be accepted at a regular GPS junior high school; no details are yet available.
** Gilbert Junior High School also will become an ACADEMY; no details are yet available.
** Transportation issues have not been addressed.
** Attendance boundaries for Mesquite Junior High School ACADEMY and the rest of GPS have not been addressed.

Be very worried, Mesquite Junior High teachers and support staff: there never was a promise that your jobs, even if transferred elsewhere in the district, would be safe. Given that there’s a big election on May 17, 2016 about Proposition 123, funding for schools, your jobs were never secure. There’s also the matter of *current year funding* which the educartel says will reduce state money to districts like GPS. As always, GPS employees are the last priority in any GPS budget, despite the lip service of the unscrupulous jerks who set up and pulled off this massive deception on the GPS community.

GPS still has no friggin’ clue why students and families do not choose GPS. They’re having another highly paid consultant do a survey, but apparently, those consultants will call only people whose phone numbers are supplied by GPS, according to the GPS website. Sure, they’ll get reliable data with this approach <sarcasm>.  If GPS doesn’t like the data, they’ll just ignore it or lie about it, like they did with the demographic data.

WestGroup Research of Phoenix has been commissioned by GPS to conduct a telephone survey with current parents of children attending District schools, parents who have recently withdrawn their children from a GPS school, and parents who live in the District but send their children to non-GPS schools.  The purpose of the study is to measure attitudes toward the District and its schools, as well as factors that influence school choice.

Finally, Mesquite Junior High School community, employees and students, did you know that your principal Dan Johnson was in on this from the beginning? He agreed to every bit of this deal that destroys your neighborhood school. He was one of Christina Kishimioto’s first hires back in 2014, and he always will do his master’s bidding. Otherwise, he’ll end up like (_fill in the blank, it’s no secret_) who apparently did not agree to betray his own school. BTW, GCA principal Dan Hood was hired in that same group; his letters to  GCA parents show that he misled them about what he had already agreed to for GCA.

Gilbert Classical Academy students, you should be ashamed. Those comments on the Livestream video absolutely, without a doubt, are proof that your attitude of entitlement is repulsive. Now you have almost everything you wanted, and you’re still unhappy. GCA students who were taught to be unique and exclusive snowflakes have proven that the negative community perceptions about you were right on target and well deserved.

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