GPS Email Server Hacked – Predictable Pornography Proliferation!

The Gilbert Public Schools email server was hacked on Saturday, May 14, 2016. A student used a teacher’s login information and sent pornographic emails to students, teachers and parents on Saturday night. Entirely predictable and preventable: parents have been trying for the entire school year to get Gilbert Public Schools to do something about the pornography problem, but the official GPS response has been something along the lines of The Three Stooges — a comedy of blunders and missteps by Superintendent Christina Kishimoto. 

As the email message from the principal of Highland Junior High School quoted below shows, the Mesa police and FBI were contacted about this incident of “Internet fraud.”

Date: May 14, 2016 9:24 PM
Subject: HJHS – Teacher email account hacked

Dear HJHS Parents and Students,

I am sorry to report that one of our teachers, [name redacted], had her Gilbert Public Schools email account hacked into tonight. There were two very inappropriate messages sent out to her students without her knowledge before district could deactivate her account. If you or your child received one of these email messages, please delete it immediately without opening. We are working on suspending all our student accounts right now to prevent further students from viewing these messages.

Gilbert Public Schools takes situations such as this very seriously. I have reported the crime to the Mesa Police Department and also the FBI since they are the ones who handle all internet fraud. If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact us as quickly as possible so we can report it to the proper authorities.

Again, I am sickened by this horrible act and am working as diligently as possible to take care of the situation. Your continued support is appreciated.

Marcie Taylor
HJHS Principal
This is an automated email.  Please do not reply to this message.  Click here to access the portal.

The school district and Mesa police have screenshots of the pornography disseminated as part of this hack. Although Principal Marcie Taylor worked with GPS Technology Service staffers to suspend student accounts, there were many, many copies of the email messages that were not deleted.

Apparently, a student gained access to the internal GPS email system by using a teacher’s district-issued Chromebook or by seeing the login information on the screen of the teacher’s device. Although GPS bought thousands of Chromebooks for the rollout in the district’s junior high schools this year, administrators failed to anticipate the failure rate and maintenance requirements, such that by the end of the year when Chromebooks were needed for standardized testing, there were not enough Chromebooks for every student to take those tests. Word went out from on high that teachers should lend their Chromebooks to students for testing.

You know it’s bad in Gilbert Public Schools when STUDENTS are chirping to Westie. Whoever thought this Chromebook initiative would work without having a rollout plan and the fifty thousand known glitches identified and fixed doesn’t know much about kids, mischief making, education or technology.
First problem: network logins. These Digital Native kids know all about how admin-issued usernames and passwords are standardized in GPS. In the real world, kids  use their admin-assigned logins one time, and then the kids set their own usernames and passwords. For security, you know.
The current situation confronting the serious Digital Native students is that GPS won’t let them set up their own secure usernames and passwords. Nope, if kids try to change their admin-issued login information, the GPS system resets to the default that the techies dreamed up. Of course, Digital Natives figured out how to use the back door to set up their own secure username and password.  Note to Superintendent Christina Kishimoto: there’s ALWAYS a back door into the network.

The school district’s ineffective technology security has been a widely-known issue for the entire school year. Christina Kishimoto made technology the theme of her superintendency at GPS and rushed through Chromebook implementation, ignoring resultant problems identified by parents of junior high school students that began shortly after the devices were distributed in the junior high schools.

Worse than just ignoring those parents, Christina Kishimoto had her henchmen organize appearances at a board meeting to demonize their parenting skills!

Parents were appalled by pornography issues and failures by GPS Technology staffers to prevent the spread of porn on student Chromebooks, in addition to the exorbitant costs and GPS failures to track expenses or return on investment. An example from the public comment segment of the February 2016 governing board meeting:

Once again, Christina Kishimoto’s alleged *inappropriate relationship* with her subordinate Steve Smith, Executive Director of Technology, who resigned in January 2016 after their alleged relationship became public knowledge, is implicated in this pornography incident in Gilbert Public Schools. Many members of GPS and the community believe the superintendent’s alleged *inappropriate relationship* was the reason that technology projects in the district have been poorly planned and clumsily executed. For example, the rollout of new financial software in January 2016 continues to adversely affect GPS employee payroll and benefits administration.

Public comment about the superintendent’s alleged *inappropriate relationship* from the January 2016 governing board meeting:

By the way, Christina Kishimoto was in Austin, Texas with the Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators on May 14, 2016, when this incident occurred. Got to focus on that *national reputation* thingy!

In closing, Christina Kishimoto wants parents of students in Gilbert Public Schools to know that she thinks their parenting skills SUCK! Take a gander at her letter to parents. Notice that the font color changes near the end, where she informs you about underage drinking of alcoholic beverages. That’s probably because some ghost writers were involved, and they, too, think GPS parents don’t know how to raise their own children. Because no one in Gilbert, Arizona knows this parenting stuff, right??? Click here or click the letter below for a larger image.


Gilbert Public Schools – more screwed up now than ever before! Sheeeeesh.  PS … we heard about your high-fiving in the district offices, GPS dudes and dudettes. A little premature, um, celebration?

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