GPS Teacher Salaries Will Never Keep Pace with Other Districts

The Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board is self-destructing before our eyes with some of the stupidest stunts ever performed by public officials. We know that sounds like hyperbole, but it’s true. The bar has been set astonishingly low for elected officials, but GPS has been squirming even lower with their recent inanities. Citizens tremble, knowing these elected officials hold in their hands the future of tens of thousands of students. It’s becoming more apparent that GPS superintendent Christina Kishimoto is leading Her Three Votes into a den of iniquity, and Her Three Votes are so giddy with excitement at the prospect, they gave her two more years on her superintendent contract [reactions: disbelief, disgust, _fill in the blank_].

The potential for abuse of power by these *public servants* is more frightening than ever before. But since it’s summer vacation, we’ll nix the harbinger of doom theme and share some of the comedic gold from past board meetings.

In our last post, we showed board president Tram falsely stating to the public that the GPS budget for 2016-2017 started with a $4.5 Million deficit. Now we’ll show how board clerk Jill Humpherys, who presides over board meetings when Tram is not there, takes the average intellectual quotient of the inhabitants of the dais well below the U.S. average IQ of 98.

Keyboard to Westie: We’re #9 in the world!
Westie to Keyboard: That’s like GCA bragging they have fallen from #3 to #7 in Arizona since Kishimoto has been superintendent. It’s not a good thing.

Did you know that Silly Jilly Humpherys can read? Yes, she can, though she doesn’t read very well. Watch laughter build as Silly Jilly tries to run a meeting when she DOESN’T have a script to read, shown in the video below. Silly Jilly admits that she’s not very good with math, but most people would expect that an adult could add to five. Silly Jilly can’t do that consistently. You’ll be forgiven for thinking, “W-A-Y below average IQ on display.”

There were recent controversies over the GPS board delegating to superintendent Christina Kishimoto contracting authority up to $100,000. Silly Jilly Humpherys was not amused that so many citizens and taxpayers argued against the superintendent’s usurpation of the board’s power. Watch below as Silly Jilly pedantically asserts that $100,000 is not really a whole lot of money.  We found out why, and we’ll share that information after the video.

Back in 2011, at the depth of The Great Recession, while GPS employees had their pay frozen as their expenses soared, Silly Jilly expressed doubt that her husband’s over $100,000 income actually qualified her family as *middle class.* After you pick yourself up off the floor, we’ll cue the violins:

Jill Humpherys is a stay-at-home Gilbert, Ariz., mother with five kids ranging in age from 12 to 24 whose husband earns about $104,000. While that sounds like an upper-middle-class or upper-class salary to some, she said the family lives frugally, pays cash for used vehicles, and clips coupons. She said that is what it takes to support their four-bedroom, two-bath home, maintain a savings account, finance college education for the kids and save for retirement. The two oldest are married, another is at the University of Arizona and two others live at home. “My definition of middle class would be that you can live modestly, own a home, and send your children to college. Obviously, that dream has gotten very expensive,” she said.

All you folks who are not making more than $100,000 annually, perhaps because you’re a young family trying to gain a foothold into the middle class, just are not working hard enough. Or you’re not responsible enough, in Silly Jilly’s eyes, to have a say in your own child’s education or your level of taxation. No sirree, Silly Jilly knows better than you do, so sit down, shut up and give Gilbert Public Schools more tax money!

Accountability? That’s for others, not for GPS. Just try to find out what GPS superintendent Christina Kishimoto is doing as she builds a *new home* for Gilbert Classical Academy. Birdies are chirping loudly that GCA’s Taj Mahal is taking shape with fancy architectural plans and contractor bids already done or under way … gee, everything on this GCA Wish List must cost less than $100,000. Certainly, nothing about these expenditures has been made available to the public!

The usual GCA loudmouths are b*tching mightily about the inconvenience of having to share a cafeteria with the Lesser Beings, students that will be attending Mesquite Junior High. In the meantime, GCA is getting:

* A new gym
* A state of the art science building
* A separate entrance for their *school within a school*
* 14 new classrooms

There were a lot of people who asked to be on the *joint committee* for GCA and Mesquite Junior High School. So who did the Powers That Be pick as the representative for Mesquite Junior High? Someone who wants their child to attend GCA. You know that so-called representative of Mesquite Junior High School families and students will support forcing Mesquite students to wear uniforms. Otherwise, the GCA Snowflakes might feel *bullied* by hooligans wearing normal teenager clothing. And maybe that committee member’s student won’t be admitted to GCA after all, if the issue of uniforms for Mesquite students doesn’t go the way GCA demands.

So, GPS teachers, you only get a one-time stipend of $500 [update: maybe it will be $750] because Jill Humpherys has other priorities for all those millions of dollars GPS will receive … like the elite junior and senior high school with 500 students. It looks like GCA is getting about $8 million so they can have everything their hearts desire (see wish list above). Silly Jilly Humpherys has lots of other ways to spend all that Prop 123, override and bond money in coming years. She giggles as she ruminates over how many contractors have suddenly become her best friends, now that she controls so many millions of dollars.

You folks who elected Silly Jilly <waving Hi! to Diane Drazinski and Gilbert Education Association members> know that you share the blame with Christina Kishimoto and Her Three Votes for assuring that teacher pay in GPS will never be competitive with other school districts in the area.

Lets laugh some more at Silly Jilly’s proclamation to Let the Idiots Work at Walmart:

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