Happy Birthday – Westie Connect is Four Years Old!

As always, we are truly grateful to our audience for hanging in and hanging out with us. This birthday, just like those in the past, comes with the same old stuff from Gilbert Public Schools:  wrongdoing by a coterie of self-important educrats in ways that boggle the mind. With rampant secrecy and self serving behavior, GPS is bound and determined to continue violating laws [with little or no consequence … sheeeeesh] and commencing with even more than the *usual* profligate spending of public funds to benefit a favored few. 

In the past year, GPS has racked up some incredible charges to taxpayers, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars of public funds, for CATERING — mostly for Superintendent Christina Kishimoto and her Top Dogs in the GPS administration, but also for the GPS Governing Board. Catering for the Governing Board probably would add up to more money if there were more than five people on the board. They must love to eat! The GPS staff especially enjoys the superintendent’s meetings at restaurants at public expense. Lower level admins mimic their boss. Even Student Funds have been used to pay for staff meals! Some standouts:

*** Speaking of stuffing faces at taxpayer expense, Silly Jilly Humpherys was so impressed with Christina Kishimoto’s third annual convocation, Silly Jilly took photos of the muffins served at the event and featured them on her Facebook page.
*** Generous Christina Kishimoto also spent $3,557.00 [no purchase order, either!] for *signature pins* at her convocation. Nothing is too good for GPS employees, right?
*** Superintendent Christina Kishimoto spent $218.82 for flowers for her coronation  convocation. We can’t have board members attending this outdated assembly without wearing corsages and boutonnieres!* Again, Silly Jilly Humpherys put photos on her Facebook page so you can determine for yourself if those corsages  did anything at all towards educating students, which is the mission of Gilbert Public Schools.
*** Somehow, that *non-public* coronation event became a political beauty pageant for various political candidates who kiss Christina Kishimoto’s ring (the one in her back pocket).
*** Favorites among GPS employees (mostly Top Dogs) traveled near and far as part of their usual taxpayer-funded extravaganzas. Hello, Tucson! Hi there, Baltimore! Napa Valley for the win! ¡Muchas gracias, Albuquerque! You get the idea…

Even though voters passed Proposition 123, which GPS and other educrat organizations advertised as essential for putting more money into teacher salaries, the GPS board had other plans, and there was nothing the public could do about it. Here’s how Lily Tram crafted the GPS  governing board’s budget for that bucket of money:


Funny thing, there were bits and pieces of Million Dollar Proposed Expenditures that fell short of the total amount of funds that supposedly were available. What’s a few hundred thousands of dollars when they get siphoned into slush funds controlled by the Superintendent or Her Designees? Yep, *Her Designees* are official in GPS now … *Her Three Votes* said so. Anyway, it’s all irrelevant because the board is laser focused on Christina Kishimoto’s *national reputation fixation.* Everything in GPS was devoted this past year to giving GCA a new campus, even as its national rating plummeted. You didn’t really believe Kishimoto’s guesstimates of just a few Million Dollars for this Great Mesquite Junior High School Annihilation boondoggle, did you?

Everything GPS touched seemed to turn to ___(fill in the blank)___. None of the big initiatives worked. GPS lost more than 500 students that the carpetbagger crew expected to enroll in August 2016, and they don’t know why.  Kishimoto spent $MILLIONS of DOLLARS on Chromebooks for all and new payroll technology, but GPS still can’t figure out how to pay employees the wages they are owed. GPS admins seemed to have no concept of the irony as they bragged about Kishimoto’s new and improved website. Silly Jilly Humpherys wanted to send all the idiots in GPS to work at Walmart. Christina Kishimoto bragged that the Hostage Clause binding employees to the district worked; in the end, GPS simply didn’t list all employee losses in the usual public records, so the local news media assumed employee losses were a thing of the past. Too bad this was never true. In fact, GPS started the new school year with an unprecedented number of classroom vacancies because smart educators know better than to cast their lot with these GPS morons. Slime Bucket Suzanne Zentner found new and improved ways to disguise the slippery slope decrease of employee experience levels in HR reports. Was it just a coinkydink that her little feat of legerdemain also made it difficult, if not impossible, for GPS employees to compare notes on what salary levels were awarded new hires? Especially after that wage inequality had become a HUGE morale buster in the past two years?

Christina Kishimoto, whose contract had another year to run, was gifted a completely new three year contract by her Rubber Stamps … with a nice fat raise that was cutely hidden in the *fine print* of all the legalese that promises she can get away with murder and still be superintendent. Thanks, Lily Tram! Silly Jilly Humpherys giggled her way through board meetings and ignored her duties as board clerk (all those big numbers!) but she sternly lectured the community when the superintendent was called out for her *alleged* improper relationship with a subordinate … who apparently was promoted and given a big fat raise that was never approved by the governing board. These events occurred some time after Christina Kishimoto kicked her disabled husband to the curb. Good Old Charlie Santa Cruz, elected as the loudmouth gang’s great hope to knock some sense into GPS, spectacularly failed to do as he was charged by the electorate as he struggled to string together enough words to make a complete sentence. To be fair, Charlie’s still searching for the balls he lost somewhere along the way.

When will GPS shed this mantle of corruption and focus on educating students? ¡Cuando Colón baje el dedo! And if you complain about Christina Kishimoto’s *alleged* inappropriate relationship with her subordinate, or criticize anything else she has done as GPS superintendent, she’ll cry. So take that, you meanies!

Happy Birthday to Westie! There’s still a lot of work still to be done. Here, have some cake. [No, Christina, you already had yours.]

*Big Fat Asterisk: Kishimoto and her gal pals are now more than ever in serious need of fashion advice. The sad thing is, these apparel offenders come from six-figure households. They can afford better [many teachers and most support staff cannot afford to indulge in high fashion, we know]. The bottom line is that showing up at an event looking like you just rolled in from working in your yard is not respectful. Maybe Adelaida Severson could tutor those GPS women, or at least share the name of her personal shopper.

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