Gilbert Public Schools: Pay Our Teachers, Fire Lily Tram

It’s really this simple … with three open seats on the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board, voters have two choices with regard to the GPS Rubber Stamp Governing Board:

** Fire Lily Tram — elect three new board members and hope good things will happen, or
** Re-elect Lily Tram — let Kishimoto’s Three Votes destroy neighborhood schools in the name of *reform.*  

Campaigns against incumbent GPS board president Tram and her BFF, GPS Superintendent Christina Kishimoto, are highly visible. As signs posted around the district show, Tram betrayed the constituents who voted for her four years ago:



The only reason we haven’t posted videos of GPS Board President Tram caustically saying, “Teachers are paid enough,” is because GPS helpfully destroyed the LiveStream video of the board meeting where she said that. Unfortunately for Tram, many GPS voters were watching the LiveStream video before it was destroyed, and they have not been shy about reporting Tram’s perfidy.

For anyone who is undecided (if that’s even possible at this stage of the election), there’s another GPS Governing Board Candidate Forum scheduled for November 1, 2016. The PTSO folks at Gilbert Classical Academy are hosting this event in the GCA Multi-Purpose Room from 6:00 til 8:00 PM. They say that the public is invited, so here’s your chance to see if the GCA campus is as gross and rundown and inadequate as GCA students claimed when they were campaigning for a new campus back in February of 2016.

The GCA PTSO has a few problems associated with hosting this event … even if *invited,* the public is doubtful. With Tram pushing publicity for the forum, as she has done on her Facebook campaign page, the public is right to be suspicious.

Advocates for Mesquite Junior High School, whose campus is being ravaged for the benefit of the special snowflakes who attend GCA, have stated loudly that they are not co-hosting the event, as the GCA PTSO claims. MJHS folks might attend, but they are right to withhold their endorsement of this goat-rope of an event. In case you’re wondering, we’re not even going to speculate about how legal and lawful this assembly will be, considering how A.R.S. 15-511 regulates election activities at public schools. Tram and her pals defy Arizona laws regularly, just because they can. Why expect anything better from GCA?

Citizens have pointed out that this so-called forum reeks of more GPS Thumbs on the Scale … aggressively weighing in to try to change the reality that GPS top level administrators have screwed up the entire project of reforming MJHS and the campus to placate GCA students, parents and staff, who demand more, more and more of taxpayer-funded resources. Kishimoto and her Carpetbagger Administration can’t make up their minds about what they’re going to do. But, by golly, they’re going to do it come hell or high water!

Some folks are hoping to put Tram on the spot for some of the stupid stuff she has presided over as board president. As if such an experienced politician as Tram would ever deign to answer a question she didn’t like! Nope, she’ll rattle on and on about anything else.

Don’t expect to hear Tram talk about *magnet schools,* even though she already published talking points saying that’s exactly what GPS has done and will continue to do so long as she can cling to her seat on the governing board. After all, Kishimoto really, really needs to keep Tram in the role of board president in order to continue the destruction of neighborhood schools in GPS.

Expect to hear claims that even Tram can’t possibly believe are true. For example, according to her LinkedIn profile, Tram’s job is “Work at ASU Financial Services and handle the accounting for the university. Areas of responsibilities: Accounts Payable, Travel, Financial Controls, and FS/PD Business Operations Center.” Clear as mud, right? It doesn’t help matters that Tram posts that she earned a “Post Baccalerette, Accounting” from ASU West, exposing her illiteracy to the professional world.

The most laughable claim Tram has made is that she has used her accounting and finance skills and knowledge gained as ASU Director to benefit GPS. Circle back to the areas at ASU that Tram *stupidvises* regularly: Accounts Payable, Travel, Financial Controls. When was the last time GPS even attempted to claim those processes were alive and well? Yeah, even the highly paid auditors keep pointing out to GPS that financial management is a joke. Remember, those are your tax dollars that are being wasted, folks. You can expect an accounting in one hand and _(fill in the blank)_ in the other and see which fills up first.

In case you forgot, Tram has a temper … which comes to the forefront when she is challenged. Notice how *nice* Tram has been since her BFF Kishimoto has been stroking Tram’s ego. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

Just remember, folks, that Westie already explained Tram is pretty much removed from reality. Tram’s downright illiterate, as well. That makes her a perfect fit for the position of BFF to Christina Kishimoto, doesn’t it? Birds of a feather flock together

*Big Fat Asterisk: Folks asked if Westie made up those 13 Reasons Voters Are Rejecting GPS Incumbent Lily Tram. No, a concerned citizen wrote that list. It was posted on GPS board member Jill Humpherys’ perpetual campaign Facebook page. Being Silly Jilly, the guest post was removed post haste, but Westie had already scraped the comments for another installment of *a post that writes itself* at Your Favorite GPS Watchdog Blog.  #SAVEourNeighborhoodSchools

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