Gilbert Public Schools: “We have to destroy the district in order to save it.”

Buzz words floating around Gilbert Public Schools among the *superintendency* and the infamous Rubber Stamp Governing Board relate to school design and education reform. GPS is repeating history: “We have to destroy the district in order to save it.” Saving the district amounts to destroying schools with larger populations of economically-disadvantaged students in order to bring *choice.* 

The word *choice* means *magnet schools.* Incumbent board president Lily Tram spilled the beans about the high-faluting eduspeak spewed forth by GPS Superintendent Christina Kishimoto, her Carpetbagger administration and Her Three Votes on the Rubber Stamp Governing Board:

Tram spilled the beans about Kishimoto’s grand scheme of *school design.* Who knew that *school design* is just *magnet schools* warmed over? Now that Tram is basing her campaign for reelection to the board on letting Kishimoto turn what used to be *neighborhood schools* into *magnet schools,* we finally learn what those words mean! Thanks, Tram!

Who would have thought that the Puerto Rican chica from the Bronx would double down on policies and actions that penalize brown kids from Arizona in the name of education reform? That’s exactly what has happened in GPS! First, Kishimoto’s chief minion, Alex Nardone, conspired with newly-elected board member Charles Santa Cruz to shut down the campus of Gilbert Junior High School and *repurpose* it for the special snowflakes that attend Gilbert Classical Academy. Fortunately for the public, a hot-mic accident laid bare their disgusting maneuvers to accomplish Christina Kishimoto’s not-so-secret goal.

Caught red-handed, Kishimoto upped the ante:

Christina Kishimoto is going balls-to-the-wall and Her Three Votes on the Governing Board will do whatever she already told them to do. You would think that these clowns would have some fancy data and technology as window-dressing  for what will be one of the stupidest unnecessary decisions in the history of Gilbert Public Schools, negatively affecting 14,259 students and their families. Again, you would be wrong.

What we are witnessing is GPS pitting neighborhood against neighborhood, parents against parents in a lose-lose situation that will negatively affect every junior high school in the district. Closing  a junior high school in GPS is a knee-jerk reaction to an imaginary problem. Why? Because the numbers show the situation is the exact opposite of what the superintendent and the governing board have been saying in public. A demographic study commissioned by Christina Kishimoto and paid for with your taxpayer dollars shows, “Enrollment at the elementary level is expected to continue to decline, while gains are likely at the middle school and high school levels.”

There’s a dark cloud of institutionalized discrimination within the sunny Town of Gilbert, at least where public schools are concerned, especially now that Christina Kishimoto is superintendent. Kishimoto’s first fusillade was aimed at two junior high schools with the greatest population of Hispanic students, meaning *economically disadvantaged* and defined by the number of free and reduced price lunches served to these students.

Availability of transportation is a major factor for lower socio-economic students. The reality for families in the Gilbert Junior High School community is that allowing students to walk to school greatly affects the education opportunities they receive. Income limitations seem to be something GCA families don’t face. How lucky for the 1% <sarcasm>.

Magnet schools are a failed attempt at social engineering with money that taxpayers intended to be used for public schools for all students.  The Town of Gilbert often claims their highly successful neighborhood schools are a major reason people move to this town. Gilbert attracted affluent residents by the hundreds of thousands with that claim, which used to be true.

In terms of electioneering, we’ll see if Kishimoto continues to bat a thousand … so far, her preferred candidates that she so publicly pushed have been defeated at the polls. Karma!

What happened at the GPS Convocation before school started for 2016-2017, when Queen Christina Kishimoto addressed her loyal subjects and gave them her *charge* to propel their forward motion, would have been funny if it were not just another example of Kishimoto’s arrogant flouting of Arizona laws. Let’s take a look at how she’s so practiced, she can amass countless violations without even breaking a sweat. In other words, it’s business as usual in Gilbert Public Schools, especially since the arrival of Superintendent Christina Kishimoto.

Christina Kishimoto’s preferred candidates sat in the audience during an event she herself convened: “this is not a meeting open to the public.” The audience was not the general public or taxpayers or ordinary citizens of Gilbert. The meeting Christina Kishimoto convened was a private affair in front of some 5,000 employees of Gilbert Public Schools, who now know the selected candidates favored by their Dear Leader. To be sure the message was clear, Christina Kishimoto posted her *endorsement* of Christine Jones for Congress on her own SuperDork Twitter feed. You really can’t make this stuff up!

The utter stupidity of Superintendent Christina Kishimoto’s attempts to affect the outcome of the election are surpassed only by the sheer brazenness of GPS Board President Lily Tram’s claims to have lifted GPS out of the gutter during her years on the GPS Governing Board.

Don’t forget about the GCA forum for candidates to the GPS governing board: November 1, 2016, 6:00-8:00 pm, in the GCA Multi-purpose Room. Ask Lily Tram which GPS school is next on the chopping block for *reform.* See if you get an answer!


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