Depraved GPS Administrators: “We Won’t Enroll Your Child!”

When the going gets tough, Gilbert Public Schools superintendent Christina Kishimoto and her over-paid, over-fed band of sycophants who dwell within the ivory towers of the district offices target the most vulnerable students and parents in GPS. How many ways can the Special Education folks at GPS retaliate against a family for trying to enroll their child in a GPS school instead of shuffling him off to the autism warehouse GPS prefers? The answer is: we just don’t know yet, but GPS is exceeding expectations in their race to the deepest circle of Hell.  

The parent in the photo above has been trying to enroll her son in a GPS neighborhood school; the family lives in GPS boundaries. In this case, the student has Autism Spectrum Disorder, so GPS has moved heaven and earth to deny him enrollment. Much of the nastiness GPS engaged in occurred over the Christmas break, December 2016. Now it’s the end of January 2017 and GPS has pulled out all the stops to send this child to their favorite warehouse for a *differently abled* student who might bring down GPS test scores and hurt the district’s reputation, thereby tarnishing Christina Kishimoto’s national ambitions  attend a neighborhood school where GPS is striving mightily to depress enrollment. That would be the west side of the district, where it serves GPS interests to limit enrollment so that Kishimoto and her two Rubber Stamp board members can ram through school reforms that no one wants or needs.

The video below shows this parent’s plea at the GPS board meeting on January 24, 2017. Warning: it will break your heart. Mom explains in the first few seconds that she has aphasia as a result of a brain tumor that was surgically removed three years ago.  While her aphasia may cause difficulties in speaking, it does not affect her intelligence. The greatest difficulty she encounters has been in communication in an IEP meeting with the district’s brutal goons Special Education enforcers who have been charged with keeping her child out of any GPS school. One more thing about this incredibly dedicated mom: she is undergoing chemotherapy while fighting against the GPS SpEd @$$hats who are supposed to dissuade her from enrolling her son.

Mom speaks for herself eloquently, assisted by her differently abled son who just wants to take a percussion class at Mesquite Junior High School. Watch this mother and her son and weep for what GPS has become. If you don’t see the video, use this link:  This post will continue below the video.

GPS has pulled about every dirty trick in the book, from holding an IEP meeting without parents participating, to writing an IEP [Individualized Education Program] without the parents’ knowledge. In their dealings with this mom, GPS has refused to provide accommodations for her aphasia; she’s kicking their butts anyway. From an email dated Jan 26, 2017, at 4:20 PM:

The district has refused to provide me with accommodations for 3 years.  As I informed the attorney [Denise Lowell-Britt] that the district brought, against my wishes, to the last meeting, you cannot have a legal IEP meeting without my required accommodations.

I have the right to participate in my son’s education. I had to state that again last Thursday when Kelly Anderson started yelling at me over the phone when  the school counselor called.  And, again, when Jason Martin suddenly appeared at a confidential meeting at Gilbert Jr.  Not only did Mr Martin refuse to let me communicate, he became hostile in front of my son.  No district employee will be allowed to intimidate or bully me in front if my child.

This is notice that I am requesting an emergency IEP meeting for the purpose of writing his annual IEP which has yet to be written and is out of compliance.  The district CANNOT write an IEP without Colter’s parents who have always been willing to participate.  For the district to inform the state education department that they wrote Colter’s IEP without our knowledge is absolutely a violation of both Colter’s and parental rights and misleading to the Az State Education Department.

By the next day, the situation was even more dire for this child and his mom. Her email tells more about how she has been treated by GPS:

Date: January 27, 2017 at 1:36:27 AM MST
To: Kelly Anderson <>, Fran Grossenbacher <>
Cc: Gilbert School Board <>
Subject:Mesquite Jr  –  Colter’s enrollment


On Tuesday, you told me I had to meet with Dan Johnson [principal of Mesquite Junior High School] to enroll Colter in the percussion class.  I immediately drove there.  It was 4:15pm and there was no signs of life at the office.  I tried again yesterday without success and left a message by phone as well.  No one called all day.  I drove to Mesquite Jr again today.  I was NOT at all surprised to be told that Mr Johnson was not available to talk despite your reassurances that he was up to speed and waiting to discuss enrollment.

I informed the staff that I would wait until Mr Johnson finished his meeting to talk and sat down to fill out the “open enrollment form” once again as you directed me to do on Tuesday.  Additionally, I asked for a copy of my previous open enrollment form from the attendance clerk.  Just like she told me before, those forms are sent to the district with the copy of the students IEP.  It is NOT up to the principal of the school, it is up to the district.  Every attendance specialist at every GPS school has told me the same thing.  So, when Fran [Grossenbacher, GPS Director of SpEd]  wrote and stated that it was the decision of the principal, it made no sense to me.

Mr Johnson concluded his meeting, but he still didn’t talk with us.  We continued to wait.  Mr Johnson finally came out to tell us he wouldn’t talk to us today.  Actually, he completely ignored my son, so he just told me.  Too busy of course.  I asked him if he would at least tell me if Colter would be enrolled in percussion.  He refused to tell me.  Based on his demeanor, I can surmise what is now going to occur.  The same “bait and switch” that was discussed by a number of people at the board meeting…

When Mr Johnson tries to tell me that my son won’t qualify for percussion because there is another excuse, probably about needing a year of band experience, I have already done the research regarding the truthfulness of that statement.  I am already aware that there IS capacity.  I’m sure the board will understand the catch 22 of placing my son in a private school with no band or orchestra and then telling us he has lost the opportunity to play in band in Jr high.

Listen to Dan Johnson do exactly what the mom predicted he would do; the cowardly Kishimoto lackey left a voicemail:


What GPS has become: a public school district that wants more, more and more money from taxpayers, but refuses to provide accommodations for a disabled mom and her differently abled son. Apparently, the additional federal funds that accrue to the district specifically for this child’s education aren’t enough for GPS. Providing accommodations for the mom so she could participate in her child’s IEP would be just too d@mned inconvenient. Sending a child to do a man’s job, i.e. dispatching Jason Martin to obstruct the mom’s attempt at enrolling her son at Mesquite Junior High School, because schoolyard bullying and thuggery is all that Martin and GPS seem to know how to do, is considered an appropriate administrative action. This is beyond disgusting, but this atrocity is what GPS has become.

How many times will Westie have to post about morally repugnant actions GPS commits against students who are *differently abled* and require federally-mandated support in order to access the free and appropriate public education that is their right as a citizen?

Big Fat Asterisk: Community activists have already established that Dan Johnson’s claim about 153 open enrollments at MJHS, made to the board during this same board meeting, was a lie. Apparently, in order to further her personal agenda, Christina Kishimoto is manipulating just about every data point presented to the board for pretty much any decision: “This would be a new low for Kishi. Let’s starve the west side school so it looks more publicly acceptable to merge us with GCA.”

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