Lies Christina Kishimoto Told While Looking for a New Job

Superintendent Christina M. Kishimoto, Ed.D.While Westie was on vacation, the Intertubes on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific buzzed about Superintendent Christina Kishimoto going out and getting herself a new job … apparently without telling her then-current employer, the GPS Governing Board. Never fear, citizens of Hawaii! Westie does the due diligence about Christina Kishimoto that your Board of Education may have spurned when they hired this charlatan. The Hawaii BOE won’t have a problem unless citizens [again] expose Kishimoto as a fraudster who cuts and runs before the full extent of the damage she wrought becomes public, as happened in Connecticut and Arizona. We’re sure Hawaii public school watchdogs will rise to the task. 

Backstory: the GPS Governing Board apparently found out about Kishimoto’s treachery when Hawaii media proclaimed that she was a finalist for the job of Hawaii superintendent. When someone who has two more years to go on her employment contract considers herself free to jump ship with no warning, you just know there was mischief afoot. Especially considering that Kishimoto was the author of the infamous hostage clause in GPS employee contracts to reverse the rampage of employee defections (“See, I fixed it!” she exclaimed gleefully).  Citizens in Gilbert, Arizona condemn Kishimoto’s hypocrisy … while they dance in the streets singing “Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Goodbye.”

Those of us who have endured Christina Kishimoto’s superintendency knew that evidence would surface about her typically dishonest behavior in her haste to get out of Gilbert before accountability came knocking at the door. Westie’s beloved birdies crowd-sourced public records and hit the jackpot, which we’re happy to share with you folks in Hawaii.

As Christina Kishimoto said to Hawaii media, “her record ‘speaks for itself.’”  It sure does! Here’s a hint for you Hawaii Watchdogs: the “shared vision” Kishimoto touted in her Hawaii interview is the same thing she claimed  when she was hired in Gilbert, Arizona. Apparently, those words have no real meaning to Kishimoto, which is what folks learned … the most important aspect of her superintendency was building her personal *national reputation* and the Hawaii BOE fell for it. Sad.

Kishimoto’s claim that she “reconfigured the financial structure of the district, including transitioning to Infinite Vision — our new finance and staffing system”  deserves scrutiny.  Notice she did not say she did so “successfully,” as she made in other claims on her resume. That system implementation, after more than a year, still isn’t working. Kishimoto blamed others, but the fact of the matter is that even now GPS employees still are not being paid on time for all hours they worked. What started as a Great Payday Melee morphed into a Great Wage Theft Caper under Kishimoto’s *leadership.* Hope you folks who work for the Hawaii BOE are good at tightening your belts when your payday doesn’t arrive! Plenty of GPS employees can share their tips on which bills to pay first when your paycheck is short or missing entirely.

Other matters that don’t appear on Kishimoto’s resume include that GPS lost 10% of total student enrollment during Kishimoto’s tenure, but she continued her extravagant spending and diverted countless thousands of dollars from the classroom. That was the genesis of Westie’s Fraud, Waste & Abuse series.

Let’s examine Christina Kishimoto’s job application and other documents she used to get herself hired through her old pals at Ray and Associates, the folks who garnered yet another major six-figure fee for getting a new job for disgraced candidate Kishimoto. We’re sure Ray and Associates hope to land the contract for finding a new superintendent for Gilbert Public Schools, too. <gag>

First, Christina Kishimoto’s Job Application, which appeared online in conjunction with her application for the superintendent job in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This was just two weeks before Kishimoto wrote to the Hawaii BOE: “Please hire me before they fire me!”

Kishimoto’s lies to the St. Paul folks were ridiculous. Maybe that’s why they rejected Kishimoto as a candidate. First, Kishimoto claimed to be “Founding Board Member, Gilbert Parks and Rec.” Why? Anyone with elementary online search skills could find that list of board members, and it doesn’t include Christina Kishimoto, as the image on the right shows.

Then, Kishimoto answered “No” to the question, “Have you ever been involved, or are you currently involved, or do you anticipate involvement in litigation either as the plaintiff/complainant or defendant/respondent?” Anyone who has read Westie posts knows this is not true, but we’ll work through the details for the benefit of the Hawaii Board of Education. We’ll start with the baggage Kishimoto brought with her to Gilbert, Arizona:

Who would have thought that when Gilbert Public Schools hired Christina Kishimoto as superintendent two years ago, her legal problems from her time as superintendent in Hartford, Connecticut would escalate after she fled to Arizona? Reasonable people would believe that those legal problems most likely distract Kishimoto’s attention from educating students here and now.

We know that due diligence on such an important matter as defending lawsuits requires in-depth searching, so we did some of that for the Hawaii BOE.  At the time that Christina Kishimoto was named Hawaii superintendent, there were three lawsuits pending in Connecticut in which she was a named defendant. There’s no way Christina Kishimoto was not aware of this; in one case, Kishimoto failed to make an appearance until after the plaintiff moved for a default judgment against her. By the way, Hawaii BOE, that case is set for jury selection and trial on January 5, 2018. We’re sure Christina Kishimoto won’t be distracted from her new job during all these legal proceedings. <sarcasm>

Claiming that she has never been a plaintiff is so ridiculous, Westie can hardly stop laughing: the evidence has been online since February 2015! 

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For your convenience, Hawaii BOE, Kishimoto’s court case file is here and her filed petition is here (she was the plaintiff, as it clearly states on the court record and her petition).  To be clear, Christina Kishimoto’s petition was denied, but that does not mean she didn’t file a lawsuit against one or more defendants.

There’s no question that Kishimoto knows that lying on a job application is good and just cause for firing. She attested, “The information in the Application for Employment is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge. I certify that I have answered all questions to the best of my ability and I have not withheld any information that would unfavorably affect my application for employment. I acknowledge that any misrepresentation or omission of any fact in my application, resume, or any other materials, or during any interviews, may be the cause for my rejection from employment or may result in my subsequent dismissal if I am hired.”

To deal with this mess dumped in their laps by feckless Christina Kishimoto, the GPS Governing Board met behind closed doors. That’s because there’s a clause in Kishimoto’s Gilbert employment contract that all of her evaluations and the board’s discussions will be held in executive session … a reaction to the public dressings-down Kishimoto received at the end of her contract in Hartford. After several closed-door sessions, the GPS Governing Board voted 4-0 to accept Kishimoto’s resignation. Rubber stamper Charlie Santa Cruz abstained. One more illustration of her tone-deafness: Christina Kishimoto listed her home for sale before the GPS board accepted her resignation. Sheeeesh.

The bottom line is that Kishimoto can take personal credit for driving a few thousand students and their families out of the district due to policies she pushed through her rubber stamp governing board and stupid stunts that gave the entire district a black eye. For example, Kishimoto delivered a frizzled, frazzled and frenzied diatribe to the Gilbert Town Council that made her, and Gilbert Public Schools, look like total idiot losers who can’t compete for students fair and square.

She worked herself up into a lather and told the Town Council it was costing GPS millions of dollars in lost revenue to lose thousands of students to those nefarious charter schools. Kishimoto looked all the more stupid because the land in question isn’t within GPS boundaries. [Here’s the link if you don’t see it:]

New charters are popping up all around GPS boundaries because it is so easy to poach GPS students. Fact: since Kishimoto made that speech, the 2016-2017 GPS hundred day student enrollment declined again … more than 700 student losses this year alone. Of course it’s not HER fault; Kishimoto is hell bent on destroying the pride of GPS, the neighborhood schools that attracted tens of thousands of students in past years. <snark> It’s also not Kishimoto’s fault that her ill considered foray into *school design* in the form of having Gilbert Classical Academy take over a neighborhood junior high school has already caused significant student losses, with more losses to come, as parents have promised. <sarcasm>

Hawaii Board of Education, you got yourselves a pig in a poke when you hired Christina Kishimoto; St. Paul, you dodged a bulletBTW, Westie’s next post will examine the letters of recommendation Christina Kishimoto submitted to Ray and Associates in support of her application. The good people of Gilbert, Arizona will learn some surprising new facts about certain people they thought they knew.

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