No Raises for GPS Support Employees, But Promotions for Good Old Boys!

bigbucksHere’s more tone-deaf leadership within the superintendency of Gilbert Public Schools.  While all employees lost the 2% stipend after the 2012 tax override failed, certain employees must be better than all the rest of you regular GPS employees who trusted your boss.

Back at the beginning of the year 2013, certain GPS assistant superintendents got caught promoting a cutie colleague without informing the governing board, as GPS policies require (probably violating state law, but that’s no big deal for the Good Old Boys).  Those assistant superintendents would be Clyde Dangerfield, Business Services and Jeff Filloon, Human Resources. Their excuse for not telling the board? Apparently Good Old Dave authorized a new GPS director position and then forgot that he had done so. That is, until board members asked why Purchasing Manager Crystal Korpan had a new title and pay raise and all that swaggy stuff like special invitations to high-level events.

Board members prevailed on the superintendency to withdraw this promotion of a manager to a director position at a delicate time when all employees knew they were losing the 2% stipend from last year. At the same time, certified teachers had been stuck on the same pay scale for five years. Teachers and staff were being paid Confederate money for their professional development accomplishments and advanced degrees because there has been no horizontal movement on that frozen pay scale.

Inquiring minds want to know if Clyde and Jeff reversed Crystal’s pay increase, as well. This being GPS, what are the chances they did what they were told to do? And if Clyde and Jeff did rescind Crystal’s pay raise, why would anyone with an ounce of self-respect accept such lousy treatment? Only the Good Old Boys know for sure.

Now Crystal Korpan is being promoted from Business Services Purchasing Manager to Budget & Procurement Coordinator. Crystal’s former salary was $72,622.37, and starting on July 1st, she’s going to be paid $75,458.00. That’s about $500 more per month, folks. That’s double what a new teacher makes in Gilbert Public Schools. That’s a whole lot more money than most other GPS employees make, even after decades of service. That’s insane   inflammatory   disgusting  business as usual in Gilbert Public Schools, if you’re an insider irreplaceable.

“It’s for the children!” the GPS superintendency cries. Crystal deserves a raise! She might leave if we don’t pay her more! How can we keep our best employees if we don’t pay them enough money? Sure, we pay new hires more than the loyal employees who haven’t seen much love in their paychecks since 2008, but that’s what we have to do to attract the best candidates.  All those crocodile tears from tone-deaf leaders!

[Keyboard to Westie: Some of those folks should not be called “leaders” just because they’ve been working in GPS for so long. Their inability to function in this large school district is becoming painfully more obvious with each passing day.]

Listen up, folks: Crystal Korpan is more valuable to GPS than just about any other classified employee in the district. Crystal Korpan is more valuable to GPS than most teachers. She won’t feel much pain from the way GPS is finagling more money for health insurance, co-pays and deductibles. No sirreee, those costs are a drop in her salary bucket. Her retirement will be pumped up, big time. Those employees who are in direct contact with students each day, furthering the GPS mission of educating students, can wait their turn, if it ever comes. If you ever watched the movie Private Benjamin, you know how important shopping is in the overall mission of a large organization.

Crystal Korpan is responsible for all of GPS purchasing. It’s a huge job. On April 9, 2013, she needed a total of 15 slides to explain the GPS purchasing process to the governing board starting at the 32:15 mark and goes to the 45:15 mark.  That’s a total of 13 whole minutes! (Yes, one of the slides was a title slide with her name, Crystal Korpan, Manager of Purchasing.) It’s a very complicated job, and someone has to do it and now that someone will be making more than $75,000 per year to review 150 purchase orders every day. That huge responsibility must make pretty little heads spin! Good Old Dave (GOD?) once had Crystal explain a budget issue when Good Old Clyde was absent from a board meeting.

Plus, of course, Crystal Korpan will share in whatever measly little percentage raise that all classified staff will get. That is, if they get any crumbs from the 2013-2014 budget that still hasn’t been approved by the GPS board because the Arizona legislature hasn’t done their job yet, but that’s not something GPS can control. Yeppers, Crystal will get whatever measly percentage of her new and improved salary schedule is, not the pay scale that other GPS employees have been stuck at since 2008. She’s that special.

All you other support employees can wait in line for whatever measly little per cent raise the budget will allow for you. Meanwhile the Good Old Boys are going about giving promotions to people who are just totally indispensable in the education complex known as GPS district offices. Raises for the players!

Knowing how much we have blogged about the GPS Good Old Boys Club, you know that there must be questions of WHY this one promotion is so important that it must be approved before Good Od Dave retires at the end of the month. It’s time for a POP QUIZ, boys and girls!

This promotion is essential, because:
a. She’s so good at her job, she’s irreplaceable.
b. She knows where the bodies are buried.
c. She knows how the GPS books were cooked.
d. All of the above.

Also on the agenda for the June 4, 2013 GPS board meeting is an executive session followed by interviewing a new Director of Curriculum and a new Director of Assessment and Accountability.  If you’re quick on the uptake, you can follow this link to see that Patty Rogers was the Director of Curriculum AND Assessment, but we hear that Patty is moving to the Higley School District to make more money. It sure looks like the tone-deaf GPS superintendency is creating a new director position in addition to hiring Patty’s replacement. Gotta get some more Good Old Boys rewarded before Good Old Dave finally leaves!

There’s another executive session about the infamous CrossPointe litigation, you know, the lawsuit GPS started and promised the board in 2011 that it would cost only $30,000 to force a settlement from CrossPointe. GPS was well into spending six figures after Good Old Clyde gave his lawyer buddy a contingency contract a long time ago and said the same amount of money was not available for gifted classrooms. How many raises for support staff could have been paid out of the money paid to Holm Wright Hyde & Hays as GPS played chicken with tax dollars?

Discussion/consultation with attorneys in order to consider its position and instruct its attorneys regarding the public body’s position regarding contracts that are the subject of negotiations in pending or contemplated litigation or in settlement discussions conducted in order to avoid or resolve litigation regarding Crosspointe Corp.

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