Interim Superintendent Search for Gilbert Public Schools

The GPS governing board has narrowed their search for an interim superintendent to four candidates: Tony Apostle, John Keegan, Virginia Moon, James Rice.

UPDATE, June 25, 2013: The good people at the Parents for a Responsible Gilbert School Board community on Facebook have added detailed information about each of the four candidates. Drop by, join in the conversation. You’ll learn a lot about the candidates for Interim Superintendent of Gilbert Public Schools!

If you thought this important information from the board meeting last week would be publicized by GPS, like on the district website or GPS Facebook page, you would be wrong.

The fine people at Parents for a Responsible Gilbert School Board community on Facebook had this information online the next morning. This community is most definitely worth visiting (requires FB access). Perhaps you will want to join the conversations! Give them a “Like” thumbs up for stepping up to the challenge of disseminating information about GPS when no one else even tried (like GPS employees, the superintendency, the community relations department, the webmaster…).

Tony Apostle: Superintendent of the Puyallup (pronunciation here) Washington) school district for 8 years. Worked in the Puyallup district for 14 years. High school principal for six years in the Central Kitsap School District in Washington, and has previously served as the principal of a junior/high school, as well as teacher and coach.

Jack Keegan: Superintendent of Sioux Falls (South Dakota) School District for ten years. Also worked in Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, Salem, OR and as associate superintendent for Fulton County (Atlanta Georgia area) for 10 years.

Virginia Moon: Superintendent of Ralston (Nebraska ) Public Schools. Retired in 2009. Hired as interim Superintendent of Broken Bow Public Schools. Rehired for second year as interim. Recipient of the 2012 Broken Bow Citizen of the Year award.

James Rice: Director of Principal Initiative for Rodel Foundation. Worked in Alhambra School District for 39 years, then retired as a Superintendent. Won Arizona Superintendent of the year in 2006.

If you visit Parents for a Responsible Gilbert School Board, the Facebook community, you’ll see comments like this:

We need fresh leadership not afraid to clean up messes and make administrators accountable, even when it may not be the popular thing to do. A strong superintendent has the ability to make necessary changes in a timely manner. Good luck Board!

So go ahead, use your Google skills; call your friends and relatives in the communities where the four candidates have served. Share the information you find. Talk to concerned citizens, parents, teachers, and even a board member or two who drop by to chime in.

Parents for a Responsible Gilbert School Board is a good place to find up-to-the-minute, factual information about the Gilbert Public Schools search for an interim superintendent. If you have a question or want to get information about a rumor you’ve heard, ask! You’ll find that Good Old Dave Allison had his contract extended through July 12, 2013. Wonder why that was necessary? Ask! All the community asks is that you be respectful in your posts.

There’s a GPS board meeting on June 25, 2013.  The agenda is posted on the GPS website. It’s going to be a long, interesting meeting – tune in to the livestream video feed if you can’t attend in person. As board president Staci Burk says:

 I love that we have had so many speakers. It is a night and day difference from when I came to board meetings as a parent. I love, love, love that we have so many parents and teachers attending. Whatever it takes to keep eyes watching, I’m for it.

Here’s someone who should never apply for the position of Superintendent of Gilbert Public Schools: Rich Crandall.

One of the three finalists for the new Wyoming Department of Education director position is recognized as a moderate Republican force in the Arizona Senate. Richard Crandall of Mesa, Ariz., has served three years in the Arizona Senate and four years in that state’s House, primarily focusing on education issues, he said Thursday in an interview with the Star-Tribune.

There have been suggestions that Crandall has a backup plan to get the job of superintendent in the Gilbert, Ariz., school district if he doesn’t land the Wyoming position. That is pure rumor, he said Thursday. The Gilbert position is a job nobody wants because nothing is happening as a result of a deadlocked school board, he added.

 Disgusted yet? Have you picked a favorite candidate for GPS Interim Superintendent? We have! Interviews are scheduled this week.


We know we haven’t finished with the executive summary of the dueling lawyer letters – we’ll come back to that next time!

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