Assistant Superintendents in Gilbert Public Schools – Pigs at the Trough?

Assistant Superintendents have a really great deal for themselves in Gilbert Public Schools. They’re paid far too much for what they do, and their perks are truly gross when you realize that taxpayers are funding their profligate ways. The jerks who have broken the system continue to profit and party, while some support staff barely make a living wage (and we know some don’t make even that). BOTTOM LINE: Taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth from these folks.

You’ve seen a summary of what Assistant Superintendents make in GPS.  You’ve seen how GPS selected Anointed Ones who may have gone on to become Assistant Superintendents or perhaps expect to do so in the future. Selection for this rarified group seems to be dependent on who you know, what you know, where the bodies are buried and how loose your zipper is. We’re sure it’s all “innocent” fun and games on the public dime. Surely you don’t think that ANYONE who refused to participate in the loose zipper fun and games would have their careers ruined, do you? (dripping sarcasm)

Unlike other GPS employees, it appears that the Good Old Boys allow their pals to negotiate just about anything they want. Car allowance? Why not? Funny thing, though, those folks spend their days in the ivory tower known as “district offices” and they summon people to their offices for just about everything. Once in a while, you might see one of The Anointed Ones slumming at a school, but they’re only there to talk to the Top Dog, you know. Nevertheless, look at what they get for car allowances: sweet! Good Old Dave Allison was getting $9,000.00 per year at one point, so these junior top dogs must not have honed their negotiating skills yet. Jack Keegan gets a district car and can take it home at night. His contract carefully points out he is on duty 24/7, that’s why!

Now we’ll look at some of the hidden goodies that are not available to other GPS employees.  How about 22 vacation days per year? That’s sweet. The question has to be, can Assistant Superintendents cash those in for full pay, like Dave could? Other employees cannot, they either lose those days or have them paid off at a very reduced rate.

“Special Projects” are a special interest item for Westie. It seems that the Assistants get $2,000.00 per year for doing nothing   … doing something the Superintendent supervises, but the pay is paid in advance. We saw descriptions of those grueling projects that are supposed to “be of value to student learning or employee betterment.”  Take a look at Shane McCord’s special project, described at the end of his 2012 contract: Doctoral Stipend Information. Good Old Shane is going to study the relationship between regular attendance and student achievement. And he got $2,000.00 for his efforts!

If that doesn’t stick in your throat, maybe this will: apparently, these Top Dogs can collect that stipend every year! Imagine, paying a six-figure guy to work on his doctorate and never finish! But it’s for the benefit of students, of course … Shane will find out if they do better on AIMS if they go to school! Duhhhh! Never mind that curricula around the state are being revised to align with Common Core and the new (but incomplete) PARCC that replaces AIMS.

State leaders in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College and Careers share one fundamental goal: building their collective capacity to dramatically increase the rates at which students graduate from high school prepared for success in college and the workplace.

 Jeff Filloon is riding this gravy train, too. His “special project” for 2012-2013 was, “What motivates employees during a recession?”  The chutzpa of this Anointed One is unbelievable!

In Hebrew, chutzpah is used indignantly, to describe someone who has overstepped the boundaries of accepted behavior. In traditional usage, the word expresses a strong sense of disapproval, condemnation and outrage.

We’ll post about how a real Human Resources organization is supposed to work in the near future. It really is a disgrace that so many highly paid Assistant Superintendents, directors and their support staff are so clueless about the damage done to Gilbert Public Schools because they can’t manage their way out of a paper bag. They manage to get the district sued with their ineptitude, but that’s probably not in their job descriptions, so maybe that’s how they got their bonuses. The folks in Barb VeNard’s Curriculum Kingdom do much the same. Another topic for another day.

Barb VeNard is on SmartSchools Plus – she’s double-dipping by collecting her salary as well as her retirement pay. Barb’s salary was $120,767.62 for 2012-2013. She collected 80% through SmartSchools ($96,614.10) and SmartSchools got paid a cool $5,000.00 or so to make this happen. Then Barb “retired” to collect her “double dip” paycheck. Gilbert Public Schools wants you all to know that this is in the best interests of the district. (gag!) GPS does not want to talk about how this sleazy trick is destroying the retirement system, but they don’t care because the Anointed Ones are in line for their turn, which will have happened before the whole mess goes belly-up and leaves younger employees with nothing. We recently heard Good Old Clyde refer to it as “an employee’s right” to double dip. Really! BTW, Barb got 20 vacation days and 10 sick days as part of her sweet deal.

Assistant Superintendent Clyde Dangerfield also was authorized $2,000.00 for a special project in 2012 and again in 2013. We don’t have any information about what his project was, though. We’re still trying to find out why Good Old Clyde put Crystal Korpan on a career rocket while other employees had their pay frozen for years. Crystal’s annual pay is $75,458.00 with those big promotions, up from the mid-thirtie$ not so long ago, we hear. Clyde also figured out how to get rid of the internal auditor while he was rocking Crystal’s career.

Here’s a goodie in those fancy contracts: everything other employees get, these guys get, too! (See “sick days” for Barb above. Apparently they get the generous “bereavement” day as well.) This makes it possible for them to collect stipends originally intended for teachers who attend district meetings after their professional day’s work. Those additional benefits are a pretty nice deal for the Anointed Ones and their posses, who often attend MANY meetings after the end of the school day.  (Question: is that when the zippers unzip?)

We’ve long heard that those stipends can add $10,000.00 to the annual compensation of the Loose Zipper Brigade. A question that no one in the district will answer for us: WHY? The people who work at the district offices are supposed to be on those committees as part of their jobs, aren’t they?

Maybe we found an indication that some of the Good Old Boys and posse members get a turn at the pig trough. One day when we were allowed to review emails of board members, we found a mystery email from Jared Ryan, Principal of Campo Verde High School. It’s apparent that Jared is one of Barb’s favorites, based on his frequent appearances as a speaker at board meetings, but we digress. The email explained that Jared was working on a Reboundary Proposal as part of his dissertation (doctoral program) in July 2011. We wonder if GPS paid Jared for this “special project.” We also wonder who the email was addressed to. We further wonder why Jared was working to close Gilbert Junior High School and repurpose the campus for Gilbert Classical Academy in July 2011. So many questions!

You’ve seen this chart before, but we have updated it with links to the contracts:

SCHOOL YEAR 2012-2013


SALARY  $     107,644.00
CAR ALLOWANCE  $         4,000.00
YEARLY PHYSICAL  $            800.00
SPECIAL PROJECT PAY  $         2,000.00
1% TAX DEFERRED CONTRIBUTION  $         1,076.00
TOTAL COMPENSATION  $     122,611.00


SALARY  $     122,267.00
CAR ALLOWANCE  $         3,000.00
YEARLY PHYSICAL  $            800.00
SPECIAL PROJECT PAY  $         2,000.00
1% TAX DEFERRED CONTRIBUTION  $         1,222.00
TOTAL COMPENSATION  $     136,380.00




SALARY  $     105,000.00
CAR ALLOWANCE  $         3,000.00
YEARLY PHYSICAL  $            800.00
SPECIAL PROJECT PAY  $         2,000.00
TOTAL COMPENSATION  $     117,891.00

In case you want to put names to faces, the GPS organizational chart is here.  Bonus points if you spot the members in good standing of the Loose Zipper Brigade!

You know there will be more.

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