GPS Loose Zipper Brigade on the Loose!

The Loose Zipper Brigade of Gilbert Public Schools is a large organization determined to protect one another and their posses and their acolytes. We’ve posted about these folks in the past, but we didn’t learn until recently what a wide swath these folks cut through the community.

For those of you who followed the story in the local press about the mega-church pastor who resigned after confessing to affairs, we have some new wrinkles for you:

The lead pastor at Gilbert’s Mission Community Church, which draws around 6,000 people to its worship services, has resigned after engaging in multiple extramarital affairs, church officials confirmed. Church leaders asked for and accepted the resignation of Pastor Mark Connelly on Dec. 30 after the married man confessed to the affairs, according to an announcement from the church.

“We are committed to helping Mark rebuild his marriage and we have offered all of the mercy and counseling resources of our church to help him and his family through this time,” Sutliff said in a press release. “In addition, we have offered the same resources to the women involved. Our priority right now is helping all those involved, including the people of our church, heal from this.”

Members of the Loose Zipper Brigade had a role in the drama surrounding Principal Brian Yee’s presumption of droit du seigneur. That was a tale of management peccadillos seasoned with plenty of salacious stories and malicious aftermaths for unfortunate persons who decided they could no longer work under those conditions. Click here for links to Westie’s many posts about the whole Brian Yee saga.

Good Old Brian got moved from Highland Junior High to Greenfield Junior High by his bishop pal Good Old Dave Allison when the news became public. Of course, Good Old Dave tried to tell the public that Good Old Brian had been falsely maligned, but then news slipped out that Good Old Dave had commissioned two investigation reports by  bishop  Good Old Matt Wright, one of which was supposed to be “attorney-client privileged” or some such nonsense that went poof when challenged. The anonymous letters showed up in public, too. Good Old Brian ended up on a Performance Improvement Plan*, but he managed to hold on to his new job as principal at Greenfield Jr. High, which is a whole lot more than any falsely accused teachers have been given, but we digress.

Have you ever wondered what happened to Brian Yee’s GPS employee paramour? There were slight complications with teenage junior high school students making jokes about the principal and his girlfriend the Dean of Students.  She got transferred to a different campus pretty quickly where she was still a baby administrator. That didn’t go so well, we heard, because she got transferred again to classroom teaching. She must know where some pretty juicy bodies are buried, because the Good Old Boys are still circling around here. [No, Keyboard, they’re not playing Ring Around the Rosie, but teenagers and adults might want some brain bleach for the image that was just conjured up.]

Even though Brian Yee’s paramour was demoted to being a classroom teacher at a GPS elementary school, she was selected for the prized position of  Elementary  Summer School Principal last year. What would qualify her for that position? Maybe having so much time working behind  locked doors with Brian Yee, she knows where all the GPS skeletons are buried. The special qualification certainly is not for common sense – those two left a pile of their clothing OUTSIDE the office where they were ‘working’ over the weekend.

She must be really good at hiding what she’s hiding: she’s been selected for the prized position of  Elementary  Summer School Principal this year as well! Guess its not what you do but who you know and who you … we’ll stop before we say too much. Now that’s a lot of smoke being blown, but it’s also business as usual in Gilbert Public Schools, considering how the Loose Zipper Brigade has operated for so many years. Fortunately, we have been distributing birdseed and chocolate, with great chirps from our birdies.

The Elementary Summer School Principal is right in the middle of the scandal at the church where the pastor resigned! Really, several members of the Loose Zipper Brigade and their posses and their wannabees are in that flock.  Seems that when they corrupted the working environment at one public institution, they were gathering to corrupt a worshipping environment! So while the pastor has affairs with several women in the congregation, the Elementary Summer School Principal was making a video. [It’s not what you think, but we’ll let you ponder on that for a moment or so.]

Time’s up! The Elementary Summer School Principal bemoaned how awful it is to be unfaithful to your spouse. We’ve heard lots of comments about that video, and we almost had a copy, but the international media storm following the pastor’s resignation got our pipeline shut down. Sigh. <Birdies, find that video!>

This is just another example of the disdain GOBs hold for the hard working people who do an outstanding job for this District, and the GOBs’ total lack of consideration for GPS students.  We should all be outraged at ridiculous Human Resources decisions to protect and promote  the wrong employees. There are certainly more deserving and well qualified people in this District that should have the job of Elementary Summer School Principal. There are certainly more deserving and qualified employees who should have had an opportunity to double their salaries in three years or less, too. But no, this is Gilbert Public Schools, a hundred years of tradition unhampered by progress.

When Westie is Superintendent, things will be better, starting with how employees are hired, paid, promoted and retired. One word: transparency. Another word: fairness. More: equality, consistency. Lawful conduct as an employer will clean up a lot of messes in GPS. Some people will need to self-select and move on, quickly, before they get more “help” than they bargained for. Westie for Superintendent!


* Big Fat Asterisk: Brian Yee’s supervisor for his Performance Improvement Plan was Assistant Superintendent Barb VeNard, who just up and quit this week. (Don’t even start conjuring up images, there’s not enough brain bleach for that.) We’ve got a whole bunch of new birdies chirping since the beginning of 2014. We’ll share when we have news!

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