GPS Superintendent Sweepstakes!

The search for a new Gilbert Public Schools superintendent is on! Five candidates reached the finalist level.

The five candidates to become Gilbert Public Schools’ next superintendent come from all over the U.S., have educational experience ranging from 13 to 40 years and consist of two women, a Black man and a Latina. The five candidates were narrowed down from 82 applicants. All candidates are from out of state. [Read that first sentence again. Doesn’t add up to five. But we applaud the emphasis on diversity!]

The Arizona Republic article is well worth reading. We encourage members of the community to talk among themselves about the candidates and communicate with board members about strengths and weaknesses of the individual candidates. We also encourage the Arizona Republic reporter Karen Schmidt to show journalistic integrity and quit hanging out online with a certain group of Facebook pals of two board members.  The animosity toward the other three members, who are disparaged in wickedly bitter terms in the Facebook group, comes through on Tsk.

When all is said and done, everyone will know Westie is the best candidate. Westie for GPS superintendent!

Dr. Jack Keegan [Keyboard’s crush] talked about equity and equality within the district a few months ago:

“I don’t want to sound like a bunch of pious platitudes, but I try to look at what is best for the students and the school system and then make the decision that way,” Keegan said. “Every person that owns property in the district pays the same tax rate and therefore they should have equal opportunity.”

When Westie is Superintendent, Gilbert Public Schools will focus like a laser on equity and equality, for employees as well as students. No more pay disparity! No more putting career ambitions above the classroom! No more discrimination! No more retaliation! Empires at GPS headquarters need to be dismantled. Every employee deserves respect and recognition: no more slipping extra money to Good Old Boys and their posses.

Westie will be scrupulously fair about pay and benefits.  Westie will redraw lines of responsibility and salary schedules. The goal: putting employees where they SHOULD BE on “the grid.” That means focusing on teachers first, and putting additional resources IN THE CLASSROOMS. A lot of the work that consumes teachers’ time could be done by someone other than a teacher. Depending on volunteers to take up the slack on campuses results in a disparity that’s quite evident in GPS. The wealthier schools have more. GPS gets a lot of money for Title I schools, which ought to level the learning field, but we’ve seen a lot of that money goes to partying on the taxpayer dime.

Here’s another totally unfair situation: some employees enjoy perks that aren’t available to other employees. GPS just can’t seem to get it through their heads that fair is fair. Pay every employee properly. Quit with the so-called “free perks” for some employees and not for others. That was the original justification for creating Gilbert Classical Academy, which has been totally debunked in terms of equity.  How unseemly it was to have a member of the community contacting board members to approve placing GPS volunteers beside the preferred GPS employees on the GCA waiting list.

We’re very familiar with and sympathetic to the cost of pre-school and after-school child care.  We recognize that many GPS employees have young families, but giving discounts to a few assorted chosen ones violates the public trust (once again). Pay EVERY employee properly and quit thinking up ways to “help” some and not others.  We give credit to GPS and we understand that this may not have been intended to be divisive, but you know the saying about good intentions. Pay equally. Don’t try to make up “perks” using the taxpayer’s money. Live up to the public trust that is invested in your job performance.

This letter went out to GPS employees:

The GPS Kindergarten Prep program is happy to offer early bird registration for all GPS employees beginning January 21st. The Kindergarten Prep program is an academically based Pre-K program created especially for four-year-olds as a stepping stone to Kindergarten. The GPS employee early enrollment offers the benefit of a reduced registration fee of $25, and a 10% discount off the monthly tuition of $275. GPS employees pay just $247.50 per month. Please note that this discount offer is available only for the daughters and sons of GPS employees. Registration is available online.

In order to take advantage of this great offer you will need to enter the GPS Discount code: GPSEMP14 at the time of registration. This discount code is intended for GPS employees only. Please contact the Program Supervisor, Nathan Paquet, with any program specific questions at 480-373-5569.

If you require any assistance during the registration process please contact Community Education at 480-892-9089 x100. Community Education hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00AM – 4:30PM & Fridays 8:00AM – 12:00PM.

Thank you and have a great day!
Nathan Paquet
Program Supervisor
Club Discovery / Kindergarten Prep

Come on, GPS. Quit playing favorites. Those days are gone. Westie for Superintendent!

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