What Are Jill Humpherys and Lily Tram Hiding from the Public and Police?

The Town of Gilbert is all a-buzz about possible criminal conduct in Gilbert Public Schools. Apparently, Jill Humpherys thinks an internal investigation into the Good Old Boys and their apparently criminal caper was all that was needed; she really, really wants to release that internal report so the Gilbert Police Department won’t investigate why $2 Million is not available for educating GPS students.

Read the letter to the Gilbert Police Department here.

Unfortunately for Jill Humpherys, the Gilbert Police Department said something like, “We prefer you not release the internal report, because it might hinder our investigation.” Considering how Jill always seems to do what her advisors say, it was disconcerting behavior when she pressed on against police preference. Many people noticed. Many people asked what Jill Humpherys is trying to hide, and who she is trying to protect. Knowing what we know about how internal reports prepared by ASRRT, The Trust, lawyers whitewash anything having to do with GPS administrators, we have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. We’ve been connecting more dots about all this, so we’ll share, hoping that birdies will chirp about what’s really going on in GPS.

Let’s start with the meeting of the Governing Board on January 28, 2014. Here’s an agenda item. BTW, we embedded the meeting video at the end of this post.

12.01 Call for Executive Session pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03 (A)(3) and (A)(4), Discussion/consultation for legal advice with the attorney/attorneys of the public body concerning the disposition of a server and documents on the server and distribution of reports pertaining thereto and to consider or instruct its attorneys regarding the public body’s position in contemplated litigation or contract negotiations or settlement discussions conducted to avoid or resolve litigation with regard to the disposition of the server and documents of the server.

Here’s what happened: Board Member Daryl Colvin says there was money going down a rat hole and he wants to have discussions in public, not in executive sessions. He wants to clean things up in Gilbert Public Schools, and he is adamant that the public know what has happened. Board President Staci Burk agrees the public has the right to know. More than $2 Million is not available for use in GPS classrooms. Board member Jill Humpherys wants to move on because she needs a break. Board member Lily Tram doesn’t agree with having the executive session, saying it’s late so she wants to go home. Jill Humpherys pipes up that she doesn’t want to discuss it at all. Staci Burk says two people have waited for hours to have this discussion in executive session. The motion passes, 3-2; Humpherys and Tram opposed. The board adjourns into executive session.

A related matter came up at the March 4, 2014 board meeting: Dr. Jack Keegan explains the purpose of new policy BDB was for the clerk to bring concerns or inconsistencies in vouchers to the board, and to add that the itemized account of vouchers will now be posted on the GPS website.  BTW, that video also is embedded at the bottom of this post. Here’s GPS Policy BDB.

Approving Policy BDB, which defines the duties of the Board President and Clerk, should have been a no-brainer for transparency in GPS financial matters. Lily Tram doesn’t like this; she wants the clerk to go to the Finance Director about concerns and inconsistencies. Lily Tram says the board should not spend time on this.

[Cover Keyboard’s eyes: What The…!] 

Board President Staci Burk explains to Lily Tram that the Policy Committee wanted transparency, and wanted a policy that the board should have knowledge and awareness before voting to approve vouchers, which they approve at every board meeting. Jill supports adding into the policy that the Clerk should go to the Director of Finance first. Lily Tram says no, remove the whole bullet point. Jill Humpherys, that paragon of consistency, says she can go along with that. Superintendent Keegan steps in to explain that he thinks this new policy is good, and it’s part of a system of checks and balances. He says if the Clerk isn’t getting answers, the Clerk should go to the Superintendent. He advocates that the Clerk has to have the ability to bring concerns and inconsistencies to the board. “You are the guardian of that,” he says to the board.

Lily Tram doesn’t want checks and balances: “We have delegated that authority to the superintendent. It doesn’t need to come to the board.” Dr. Keegan explains that there have been problems in other districts, that things were hidden, and there were improprieties at the superintendent level. When that happens, it requires a board member or an independent person to bring out what has happened. Lily Tram asks if this policy is supposed to be a check on the superintendent’s ethics. Dr. Keegan says it lets everyone know there are checks and balances. Staci Burk points out the board has delegated to the Clerk the responsibility to review expense vouchers before the board votes to approve them. Lily Tram says this give the appearance that “We have issues.” Dr. Keegan supports that this policy is needed, and the board votes 4-1. Lily Tram voted Nay.

Our next post will discuss more from the special meeting of the GPS governing board on March 11, 2014 and more dots we have connected. You know you can hardly wait…

January 28 @ 1:46:45 time mark:

March 4 @ 1:38:44 time mark:

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