Happy Birthday: Westie Connect is Two Years Old!

September 25, 2014: We’re celebrating Westie’s Second Birthday!

As always, we are truly grateful to our audience for hanging in and hanging out with us. Together, we can try to restore some of the luster that those misguided Peter Principle admins running Gilbert Public Schools so thoughtlessly squandered in recent years. The children whose lives and educations have been adversely affected by misdeeds and mismanagement at the top levels of GPS deserve everything we can do to set a better course and make things right for their benefit. Those kids never will get back the years of their lives that were lost because GPS miscreants betrayed the public trust. We’ll continue to try to seal that pit of evil machinations and self-serving manipulations in an effort to make things better for students, parents, employees, taxpayers and all stakeholders of Gilbert Public Schools.

Significantly, the corruption and mismanagement were never intended to produce any benefit for students. We still hope for accountability and we know we will greatly enjoy watching GOBs eat their just desserts (stuffed crow with a little humble pie, perhaps).

The clean sweep for which we advocated came to pass, but we all must be ever vigilant … the new boss is much the same as the old boss, it appears. We saw that opportunistic adults were using GPS as a cookie jar for themselves and their friends, and we’re seeing much the same now. We’ll have to keep that light shining on wrongdoing.

Sharing information among people who have so many different talents allows the public to do some really cool things. In this past year, several lawsuits have settled; all of them went against GPS. Not all is well and good in GPS, not yet. Who knew that we would find evidence that Brian Yee is a convicted criminal? The fact that he’s still employed by GPS shows that GOB influence remains. It’s very concerning that in spite of GPS losing badly in the lawsuit over access to public records, we’re hearing rumblings about GPS shutting the gate again. Fortunately, birdies, we know what to do.

Losing the 2012 and 2013 overrides was a high price for Gilbert students to pay because citizens lost confidence in GPS leadership. Instead of healing, there is a pitched political battle showing how wide the chasm is between the old guard that wants to “Take Back Our Board” and the conservative board members and candidates who want to complete the transformation from the secrecy and self-serving behavior so blatantly displayed in the past. If critics thought their mud-slinging would deter us, just wait ’til they experience Keyboard’s Terrible Twos!

We love our Birdies! Have some birthday cake. (It wasn’t bought with public money.)

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