Who Would Re-elect JiLL HUMPHERYS to the Gilbert School Board?

JiLL HUMPHERYS* has spent two years campaigning to be reelected to the GPS Governing Board. Jill Humpherys cries because two years in a row, Gilbert taxpayers refused to approve a tax override for GPS. She laments at every opportunity that the board didn’t go to the taxpayers for a third time in three years … taking even more dollars out of the classroom.

The real story about Jill Humpherys’s time on the GPS board is that she doesn’t follow district policies. The photos within this blog post show Jill Humpherys on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at Gilbert High School, soliciting signatures for her petitions to become a candidate for a seat on the GPS Governing Board.  It was neither the first time, nor was it the only time that Jill Humpherys was observed conducting political activities on Gilbert Public Schools property.

GPS Policy KF includes, “Posting of political signs and other electioneering activities will not be permitted on school property at any time including Election Day at school sites used as polling places.” Soliciting petition signatures in order to get your name on the ballot is an electioneering activity, which is defined as working “for the success of a particular candidate, party, ticket, etc., in an election.”  GPS Policy KF was adopted in 2000, revised in 2012. It’s not new.

Jill Humpherys personally solicited signatures from persons who were at Gilbert High School for other reasons. Were they teachers, students, staff, parents, volunteers? They could be any of these people who were at a GPS campus when a sitting member of the Governing Board solicited their support in her bid for re-election. What’s important is that Jill was “electioneering,” which is never permitted on school property, and in doing so, Jill Humpherys violated district policies. Let’s connect the dots to show Jill’s prohibited electioneering disrupted the district function, which is educating students.

GPS Policy KFA states, “A person may also interfere with or disrupt the District function by committing any of the following:

Knowing violation of a District rule and regulation. Proof that an alleged violator has a reasonable opportunity to become aware of such rules and regulations shall be sufficient proof that the violation was done knowingly.

Any conduct constituting an infraction of any federal, state or city law, or policy or regulation of the Board.”

It doesn’t look like Jill Humpherys can find a safe harbor by claiming she didn’t know the law or GPS policy. Such a claim would ring especially hollow given that this is the second time Jill Humpherys has run for this seat on the GPS board. In addition, GPS policies site Arizona statutes as authority for the existence of a policy. In the case of KFA, statutes include A.R.S. 13-2905; A.R.S. 13-2911; A.R.S. 13-3102; A.R.S. 15-341; A.R.S. 15-507.

The regulation that accompanies KFA is KFA-R, which makes clear that GPS intends to enforce KFA, at least where students are concerned: “If a District student violates Policy KFA, the appropriate student conduct/discipline policies will be implemented.” There’s no wiggle room for students who disrupt a campus. Do you really believe it’s different for a school board member who violates district policy? Keep in mind that GPS Policy KFA is not limited to employees or students. Policy KFA deals with “community use” of GPS resources.

As a member of the GPS Governing Board, Jill Humpherys is required to obey district policies. Heck, Jill Humpherys is involved in writing those policies. Back in February-March 2014, Jill Humpherys was all excited about changing the GPS Board Ethics policy. That policy didn’t get changed then, but there was a lot of controversy over the circumstances at the time. So, no, Jill Humpherys can’t say she didn’t know she was violating GPS policy by electioneering at Gilbert High School on March 18, 2014.

It’s interesting that KFA-R includes a suggested procedure when a person “contravenes Policy KFA.” The suggestions envision that the site administrator (the principal of the school) knows that there is a person who is neither a student nor staff on the campus.

Oh gee, lookie here: there’s a GPS policy about ALL visitors: KI-R. “Visitors to Schools. All visitors to any school must report to the school office upon arrival.” What do you think the chances are that Jill Humpherys sought and was granted permission to electioneer on district property? It’s not likely that Good Old Jack Keegan, who paid a fine for violating election law in 2013, told her, “Sure, go ahead, solicit signatures at Gilbert High School.”

The fact that Jill Humpherys, a board member who publicly violates district policy, sits in judgment of students and employees who might be accused of violating district policy is truly alarming. Board members can expel a student, causing lifelong harm to a child. Board members can fire an employee, causing incredible career damage and financial suffering to the family of an accused employee. The old saying about Caesar’s wife is particularly appropriate in this situation:

There were many rumors involving Caesar’s wife … so Caesar divorced her on the grounds that “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.” Basically, Caesar divorced her because, even if the rumors were false, Caesar couldn’t be associated with someone who was involved in rumors. It was all about the politics.

Policy CH, Policy Implementation explains WHY the board adopts policies for the district. “The policies adopted by the Board and the administrative regulations developed to implement policy are designed to promote an effective and efficient school system. All employees and students shall comply with board policies and administrative regulations.” Don’t forget Policy BCA, Board Member Ethics: “Avoid being placed in a position of conflict of interest, and refrain from using their Board position for personal or partisan gain.”

We’ve posted before about how Jill Humpherys disobeyed former interim superintendent Jack Keegan’s directive to quit politicking and campaigning during board meetings. He issued that directive in writing to all the board members in August 2013. Here we are more than a year later, and Jill Humpherys is still at it. It appears that she thinks no one knows that what she is doing is wrong. One of Jill Humpherys’s supporters opined a few days before Jill was electioneering at Gilbert High School:

Maureen Ringenoldus: I think when anyone (including FB page moderators and school board members) find themselves or are exposed for resorting to dishonesty that should be a red flag that something is seriously flawed in their agenda. ·March 15 at 7:36am

Jill Humpherys has been exposed for violating GPS policies in her zeal to be elected and re-elected. We call that *dishonesty.*

Big Fat Asterisk: If you have seen Jill’s campaign signs, you know the funny “JiLL” comes from the signs. Some folks have asked if “Humpherys” is misspelled.

GPS Board Member Jill Humpherys soliciting signatures
for her re-election campaign
at Gilbert High School, March 18, 2014.

GPS Board Member Jill Humpherys electioneering at Gilbert High School *** *** *** *** *** A picture is worth a thousand words.

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