Superintendent Kishimoto Gets Mad, Calls the Police and Goes to Court

Superintendent Christina Kishimoto doesn’t want the public to know that she parks in a special reserved parking space in the GPS parking lot, which is marked by a sign “Reserved for Superintendent.” That’s because the public might know when she is at work (and when she’s not). What is this, megalomania? Does her staff  make an “Elvis has left the building” announcement when she leaves?  Sheeesh.

Inquiring minds wanted to know if 7-0 Kishimoto’s newly reserved parking space took the place of a handicapped parking space. This *special* parking space is closest to the steps leading to the main doors  of the GPS White Palace. Short answer: no. There are still reserved parking spaces for handicapped visitors, but they’re not as close to the main door. We didn’t see any indication that Queen Christina’s new parking space was anything other than just a regular space that 7-0 Kishimoto happened to covet. It looks like the *special* parking space previous superintendents used wasn’t good enough for Her Newness.

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We agree with folks who don’t appreciate spending public money on a “Reserved for Superintendent” sign while school principals have been asking (over and over) for donations of reams of paper for their campuses. Remember when Good Old Charlie Santa Cruz was a candidate for a seat on the Governing Board, he asked his supporters to show their enthusiasm for him by contributing a ream of paper to the school of their choice? #IChooseGPS indeed. The Reserved for Superintendent parking space is just a silly distraction from the main event, though. You can see that we took a photo of the sign. Oooooh, that set off 7-0 Kishimoto! She’s mad at us. What she did about that madness is even sillier.

Superintendent Christina Kishimoto called the police to complain about us taking a picture in the parking lot. Yeppers, she called the School Resource Officer for Mesquite High School to launch her complaint. We can tell you, we were just flat-out scared to death to have a police officer call Westie. You see, Westie had hugged a friend in the parking lot that day, and it was possible this call from the police was about a charge of assault and battery for hugging. That police officer had a different mission, though.  He wanted to know why we were taking pictures. So we told him the same thing we posted here.  He wrote a report.

That should have been the end of the story, but this is when it got really interesting. As usual with Gilbert Public Schools, you can try to think of the stupidest thing the Good Old Boys might do, but they’ll amaze you every time with their ability to do something far more stupid than you could ever imagine.*

Christina Kishimoto flounced up to Gilbert Municipal Court and filed a civil lawsuit against the Westies. It seems that the nice police officer told her how to file for an injunction against harassment when he took her complaint about us taking pictures in a public parking lot. It was just amazing how 7-0 Kishimoto was merely mad at us when she called the police officer up to her private lair office and demanded that he find out why we were taking pictures. By the time she got herself up to the courthouse, she was in fear for her life, or something like that. An elderly couple with a camera must be terrifying, right? [face palm]  Sheeeesh.

By the time 7-0 Kishimoto filed for a  Petition for an Injunction against Harassment,  her story was a whole lot different from what the nice police officer reported about their encounter. Suddenly, Good Old Christina Kishimoto had to come up with a “series” of harassing events in order to get an injunction against that terrifying elderly couple. Well, actually, she couldn’t get an injunction against both Westies, so she made up a bunch of stuff about TWestie, someone she has never in her life met. Probably has never even seen him. [The same is true about DWestie, but her name got crossed off Kishimoto’s petition.] TWestie had no opportunity to contest her allegations because he was not notified of the hearing or of Kishimoto’s petition. Does that sound fair?

Then the problems snowballed for Superintendent Kishimoto, who had decided to represent herself rather than consult the many lawyers she keeps at her beck and call on the public dime. First of all, the power to sue is specifically reserved to the GPS Governing Board, not to the Superintendent. Inquiring minds want to know: did the Governing Board know that Queen Christina was in that courtroom during school hours? It sure looks like Good Old 7-0 Kishimoto didn’t want the board to know about her excellent adventure. Others ask if the highest paid superintendent in Arizona took personal leave to go romping down to the courthouse.  That’s doubtful, since the superintendent can sell back any and all of her leave for full price, which happens to be something like $1,000.00 per day. But we digress.

Superintendent Christina Kishimoto took an oath under penalty of perjury when she signed her petition, swearing her evidence was true to the best of her knowledge and that she requested an injunction “as allowed by law.” She also swore that the testimony she was going to give was “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Then she swore out loud that the contents of her petition were true and accurate to the best of her knowledge. How do we know these things about the secret little hearing Christina Kishimoto finagled? We asked for a copy of the audio recording of the 13 minute hearing. As always, Westie loves to share.

Her Newness introduced herself as the “Superintendent of Schools.” Oooh, it must have burned when the judge didn’t know who she was, how *special* she was, or even what school district she was from. Queen Christina just barreled forth with all kinds of sworn testimony about how scared she was of the guy whose act of harassment was this: “The Green’s [sic] were in my office bldg at 140 S Gilbert reviewing public records.” OMG! Call the cops! [Oh wait, she did that already.]

We’ll post more about Superintendent Christina Kishimoto’s sworn testimony in a court of law and why it’s important that the citizens of The Town of Gilbert, Arizona know that if you p*ss her off, she will come after you. You know you’ll be laughing your heads off. It will be a little *light* reading for Spring Break.  

* Big Fat Asterisk: As Dave Barry says, you can’t make this stuff up:

“Get up-close with Dave as he examines UFO thrillseekers and Elvis- worshippers, plays lead guitar with a horrifying rock band that includes Stephen King, and swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth . . . so God help you!”

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