The Great GPS Employee Exodus of 2015 Begins

Now hear this, employees of Gilbert Public Schools: you’re in trouble with the new boss, Superintendent Christina Kishimoto. She staked her superintendency on stopping the mass exodus of employees that occurred during the 2013-2014 school year. That’s why she was hired, as she explained to a judge in a secret court hearing. Now you recalcitrant employees are making her look bad … in public!

[Keyboard to Westie: Notice Dr. Kishimoto didn’t explain to the judge that she had been fired by her last school district.]
[Westie to Keyboard: She wasn’t exactly fired. The board voted 7-0 not to renew Christina Kishimoto’s contract.]

At this point during the last school year, the GPS community was anxious and agitated over numbers claimed to be the biggest mass exodus of GPS employees EVER! Actually, it wasn’t the whole community, it was just a self-proclaimed loud-mouthed group of people who were determined to take political pot shots at conservative board members they didn’t like. The hysteria over the loss of Good Old Boys (and other GPS employees, as happens every year) was manufactured of whole cloth.

Superintendent-elect Christina Kishimoto didn’t know anything about Gilbert, Arizona and its school district back then (or now, it seems), but she bought in to this whole manufactured crisis that GPS was losing the best and brightest employees. That’s because the new superintendent had already decided who her newest BFFs were going to be and those were the only people she listened to. OMG, the nay-sayers and Gilbert Education Association proclaimed, the only staff that was left were the bitter dregs of a once-excelling school district! All the amazing teachers were gone! Conservatives were ruining this district! Christina 7-0 Kishimoto guzzled down that Kool-Aid! (You know it was a really exciting time because of al those exclamation points and the descriptor “amazing”!!!!)

Here’s where the Gilbert Public Schools’ mass exodus of employees was at the end of April 2014:


A year later, here’s the NEW and IMPROVED employee loss rates for Gilbert Public Schools, featuring a 100% increase in Certified Staff Retirements in April 2015! OMG! In the other categories we measured, the numbers are increasing, but not as dramatically. But it sure looks like Gilbert Public Schools is on the path for ANOTHER biggest mass exodus EVER!  “Woo hooo!” crowed the nay-sayers and GEA!!!!


This is just the beginning of the Great GPS Employee Exodus of 2015. We know, because this report of resignations and retirements does not include those that will be revealed when GPS employees refuse to sign the ridiculously draconian employment contracts that GPS thought up under the *leadership* of Superintendent Christina Kishimoto and Board President Lily Tram. Citizens and taxpayers of The Town of Gilbert should remember that the two remaining conservative board members, Daryl Colvin and Julie Smith, decried the $2,500.00 ransom and ten day furloughs as they voted against those new policies and contract provisions.

The Great Exodus of 2015 represents quite a learning curve for loyal GPS employees. They remember the time that former superintendent Dave Allison gave them a teeny-tiny “stipend” to put more money in their pockets while he ratcheted up the cost of GPS health insurance to employees. Then Good Old Dave threatened to take away that pittance if the current override issue on the ballot didn’t pass, which it didn’t.

Remember those shenanigans? Based on past experience, you know GPS will demand those ransoms and implement that furlough if the 2015 override doesn’t pass. Then the superintendency will say: “Take that, you worthless GPS employees who didn’t get your friends, neighbors and assorted voters to approve the override!” Everything old is new again. Groundhog Day. Some things never change.

This year, GPS employees have finally accepted that loyalty, the hallmark of long-term GPS employees, has been a one-way street for years and won’t change with the new administration. The size of the Great GPS Employee Exodus of 2015 won’t become apparent until after the new contracts are due to Human Resources, where the dynamic duo of Slimebucket Suzanne and Sleazy Steve will still be trying to figure out how to manage the most basic functions of a school district using their new million dollar software. Isn’t it great that the Arizona Department of Education Job Fair was held in Glendale this weekend, before GPS teacher contracts were due back? Hahahaha – while other valley school districts encouraged teachers to bring their resumes and get offered new jobs on the spot, it looks like GPS didn’t even know about the event.

[Keyboard: GPS doesn’t seem to know about most events going on in their own school district, according to the Official GPS Facebook page.]

The only glimpse of the real Gilbert community that the superintendent and her cabinet have had was the election in November 2014, with no override on the ballot. That election cost a cool six figures of profligate spending by special interests, and it featured countless itinerant members of the Arizona Education Association and affiliates going door-to-door to trash what conservative voters and board members were perceived to have done to the district during the previous two years. All this was intended to get two bought-and-paid-for new board members seated on the GPS Governing Board. Well, the GEA and other assorted rabble-rousers succeeded in getting “Let the Idiots Work for Walmart” Jill Humpherys another term on the board; they got Forked Tongue Charlie Santa Cruz seated, too.

Superintendent Christina Kishimoto has her bought-and-paid-for governing board members doing her dirty work for her. We all were fortunate that a hot mic mishap pulled back some curtains on dastardly GPS plans that were not supposed to be revealed to the public until AFTER the November 2015 override and bond issue appear on a special ballot, paid for by $285,000.00 out of the GPS budget that won’t be spent on student learning. These are the same folks who didn’t realize that spending millions of dollars on Chromebooks in the waning months of the 2014-2015 budget would not reflect the priorities of the taxpayers … not when the purported reason for said purchase was for taking standardized tests. Sheeeeesh.

These new GPS opportunists look a lot like carpetbaggers and scalawags of old.

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