Happy Birthday – Westie Connect is Three Years Old!

As always, we are truly grateful to our audience for hanging in and hanging out with us.

We saw in the past that opportunistic adults were using Gilbert Public Schools as a cookie jar for themselves and their friends, and we’re seeing much the same now. We’ll have to keep that light shining on wrongdoing by a coterie of self-important educrats who are fleecing the GPS budget in ways that boggle the mind.

The new guys are doing the same old thing, but now it involves a THIRD OF A BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY and it increases no matter what voters say. Significantly, the corruption and mismanagement we have been exposing for three years were never intended to produce any benefit for students. Of course, students didn’t benefit. Neither did employees. Loyal employees are still hoping for unicorns and rainbows and pay equity. The board and the superintendent keep on pretending employees are important, but their spending priorities never put employees at the top of the list.

The secrecy and self serving behavior is more rampant now than ever. Losing the 2012 and 2013 overrides was a high price for GPS students to pay because citizens lost confidence in GPS leadership. Instead of healing, there is a pitched political battle showing how wide the chasm remains with the new breed of carpetbagger administration top dogs demanding more, more and more money for themselves first and their friends second.

Worse, Christina 3-2 Kishimoto is enshrining her skullduggery into GPS history.   Any time she is questioned about anything, she blames the Governing Board and recites *the process* that supposedly grants her immunity for things like multitudes of Open Meeting Law violations. An especially abhorrent example of profligate spending is two years of her self congratulatory *convocations* that cost taxpayers plenty for silly things like corsages. Sheeesh.

Let’s keep things happy today – here’s a start of school event that’s fabulous. You’ll enjoy it all the more if you click the Closed Caption icon – that puts the lyrics at the bottom of your screen. Thanks for everything, Birdies!


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